Russell Wilson: Should Seattle Seahawks QB Be on the Hot Seat?

Josh SteinContributor IIIOctober 8, 2012

Russell Wilson deserves to be leading the Seahawks out of the tunnel for the foreseeable future.
Russell Wilson deserves to be leading the Seahawks out of the tunnel for the foreseeable future.Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Gregg Rosenthal of stated:

Wilson has a promising future, but Seattle needs better quarterback play now. I love Russell Wilson as a player. He has a ton of potential and should be a good NFL quarterback someday.

He's not that guy now, and it doesn't make sense that Pete Carroll continues to start him despite having a veteran like Matt Flynn on the bench. The Seattle Seahawks have a playoff-ready defense and running game. They could be title contenders with even marginal quarterback play. They are trying to hide Wilson and play around him.

Seattle is very lucky to be 3-2. Wilson's time will come, but this team screams for a veteran to take over.

Mr. Rosenthal is a very experienced writer and is an idol of mine, but he couldn't be further from the truth on that statement. Wilson cannot be blamed for his inability to be a game-changer, which was expected after his explosive preseason.

Wilson played a good game in terms of managing the game, and he showed an efficient style of play. But he wasn't allowed to do anything risky and open up the playbook.

Wilson started over Matt Flynn because his presence in the offense led to an offensive explosion of yards and scores. We have gotten to the time when Wilson and the coaching staff, most notably play-caller Darrell Bevell, to start opening up the offense.

In the preseason, he was airing out passes downfield and getting completions for bundles of yards. During the regular season, however, the Seahawks staff have decided to hold off on the shots downfield that excited Seahawks players as well as fans in August.

Many have blamed Wilson for his hesitation in finding the deep-ball guy and throwing on instinct, when in reality, it comes down to Darrell Bevell's play-calling.

Pete Carroll and the coaching staff need Wilson to be hesitant and safe for the time being and to be a game manager. He has done just that very well so far this year. His stats aren't similar to fellow rookies Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but this is due to his designated job as a complement to Marshawn Lynch by completing passes to open up the running game.

Wilson may not be performing as we predicted by his unheralded preseason, but it isn't all his fault. He is our quarterback of the future, and throwing Flynn in would only halt his growth and the growth of this team.

And at 3-2, I think he is doing a good enough job with wins over offensively explosive teams in the Cowboys, the Packers led by the MVP and the Cam Newton-led Panthers. His real tests come in the next two weeks against the newly revamped Patriots and the division-rival 49ers.