ESPN, Please Turn the Page (for CT Sports Fans Only)

R KContributor IMarch 9, 2009

Scott Van Pelt, where have you gone?

While there are not many things to get excited about in Connecticut, one area that has always been a constant in my daily life is listening to ESPN Radio 1410 AM.

Love it or hate it, ESPN Radio offers an array of content, humor, and perspective. Each radio personality (whether Mike and Mike, Colin, or Scot Van Pelt) offers unique and thought-provoking topics. I might not agree with every comment, but at least I know that the person in front of the microphone has done comprehensive research, and is willing to debate in a well-mannered fashion.

However, recently on Connecticut’s ESPN Radio, the format has slightly changed. About a year ago, the Scott Van Pelt Show was getting pulled in order to accommodate the “new local guy.” Initially, I did not have a problem with the move (although, I admit I enjoyed listening to Scott between 3 PM-4 PM). I was willing to give the "new guy” a chance. Given ESPN’s great track record, I assumed they researched and found a personality who would best reflect Connecticut’s sports atmosphere. 

I did not take long to realize that ESPN hired a sports version of Rush Limbaugh—an obnoxious, incoherent amateur spewing garbage. There is nothing constructive or thought-provoking with the "new amateur," just some rambling about UConn not returning his phone calls (hey buddy, get over it—UConn has better things to do than deal with some wannabe radio host).

I know I will get some flack over my comments. I know there are some people that listen to the “new amature”—and there is nothing wrong with listening to a local product. But four hours of incoherent rambling is a little much.

I do not want the “new amateur” off radio, I just want Scott Van Pelt’s show back on 1410. After 4 PM, the “new amateur” can churn out his lackluster show and I will turn the dial.

ESPN, I want my SVP.