Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Will Help Turn Charlotte Bobcats into Contenders

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIOctober 9, 2012

We must give him time, say three to five years, but Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be instrumental in turning the Charlotte Bobcats into legit contenders.

He has the weight of being the No. 2 pick in the NBA draft on his shoulders, and this weight comes with an expectation of bringing a 7-59 Bobcats team back from the sewer of NBA organizations.

Yes, the sewer.

The good news for the Bobcats is that after completing a horrendous season (and compiling the worst single season record of all time), the team was put in a solid position to draft a man who will turn their organization around.

Kidd-Gilchrist isn't your typical highlight reel player that generally comes with the second pick in the draft. Instead, his work ethic outshines any physical tools that he may possess.

MKG is built with pure heart. And this attribute will be what's most important in helping the Bobcats compete.


MKG Isn't New to Overcoming Adversity

Every year, some athlete ends up having a childhood story that is so brutal and rough that you would expect to see it on the big screen.

Kidd-Gilchrist's story could be one of the worst.

This is in no way meant to undervalue what another athlete's childhood meant to them, it's just purely stating that MKG had an incredibly difficult upbringing.

Kidd-Gilchrist was born in 1993. His father was murdered in 1996.

As he grew older, a man stepped into his father's shoes and became his positive male role model. The man was his uncle, Darrin Kidd.

Hours before signing his letter of intent to play basketball at the University of Kentucky, MKG's uncle passed away from a severe heart attack.

Kidd-Gilchrist essentially lost two father's in his short life.

The loss meant so much to him that he changed his name from Gilchrist, to Kidd-Gilchrist during the summer of 2011.

But even though it feels like these kind of stories are commonplace with professional athletes, they still shouldn't be viewed in a negative way.

This kind of a childhood needs to be put into the public light because it shows that people can persevere through the worst of situations.

People like Kidd-Gilchrist.

Now, comparing the tragic losses from his childhood to the Bobcat's losses on the court is ridiculous and couldn't be more unfair. The point I'm trying to make is that MKG has gone through painful situations in the past.

His success from battling through his family tragedies should only give the Bobcats more confidence in the rookie.

More confidence in knowing that he won't be thrown off track because of how poor the team might be for a period of time.

More confidence in knowing that MKG could turn their team into a success story as well.



Let's Not Forget, Kidd Can Play

Kidd-Gilchrist isn't only a great story, he's also a great basketball player.

You don't get drafted second overall because of what you've been through. You get drafted that highly because of what you bring to the basketball court.

At 6'7", 232-pounds, MKG came out of the University of Kentucky with an NBA-ready body. He can get to the rim at will and was arguably the best finisher in college basketball last year.

What the Bobcats will value most out of their 19-year-old rookie is that he has the quickness and competitive streak to guard almost every position on the floor—from point guard to power forward.

Sure, he might be outsized at times, but good luck telling him that.

His skill set and determination will be more than valuable to Charlotte.



Time to See What Happens

The Bobcats only have four players over the age of 26 on their roster, so seeing them grow into a solid team is definitely not out of the question.

It'll take hard work and probably a bit of luck, but drafting Kidd-Gilchrist will be the team's turning point.

He's a great young man that will end up making a huge difference.


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