Brian Gewritz's Dismissal Isn't Necessarily Positive For WWE Fans

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IIOctober 10, 2012

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The news that long time lead writer and Senior Vice-President of Creative Writing Brian Gewritz has been removed from his position within WWE's hierarchy has been met with almost universal approval from fans.

Optimistic members of the WWE universe have high hopes that this is the first step towards the WWE rediscovering the formula that made the company so compelling to watch in previous eras. More conservative fans see this shakeup as something that might reinvigorate some of the lacklustre writing that has plagued recent times.

Yet little if anything is actually known about Gewritz, and even less is understood about the ideas that he brought to the table or how many of those plans got to television. This is all the more remarkable considering the frequency with which his name has been brought up in articles over the past few years.  

In fact, this confusion goes to show how limited fan's understanding of the booking process is, despite the numerous hours devoted to discussing such matters.

Suggesting that Gewirtz's dismissal will not have an effect on the product is as unreasonable as expecting instantaneous improvement. Anyone who has achieved such a senior position in any company, especially one that is as high profile as the WWE, must have got there on merit.

However, the assertion that someone leaving will have an effect on a situation does not categorize that change as positive or negative.

It has been widely accepted that Gewirtz's removal will be positive, and there is a good chance that this presumption will come true. People in creative positions can run out of ideas or become too obsessed with certain trends. Perhaps ten years in one job, especially the reality-altering world of professional wrestling, is too long for anyone.

Yet WWE fans also have to face the fact that there is a possibility that Gewritz was the voice of reason within the creative team, who were managing ideas ill-suited for WWE television. Certainly Gewritz cannot be all bad, as several news reports from 2011 suggested that he was the man behind Christian's push on Smackdown .

The honest answer is no one outside the tight-knit group that stands at the top of the WWE truly know how much of an effect, good or bad, Gewritz had on WWE television.

Only hindsight will reveal how important Gewritz's dismissal actually is to the average WWE fan.