WWE Raw: Why Fans Should Expect R-Truth to Turn Heel Soon

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IOctober 10, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

This past Monday night on Raw, R-Truth was supposed to go one-on-one with the Funkasaurus—Brodus Clay.

Before the match even started, R-Truth informed Clay that his imaginary friend, Little Jimmy, was "going through some changes" and that Little Jimmy wanted to dance instead. Clay agreed to call off the match, and R-Truth, Clay, Little Jimmy, Naomi and Cameron proceeded to get funky.

You can watch the segment here, but did anyone else expect R-Truth to suddenly attack Clay and turn heel? Does anyone else believe that R-Truth is the one who is going through changes, not Little Jimmy, and that R-Truth simply used Little Jimmy as a way to get out of his match with Clay?

Some of you might be asking, why would R-Truth turn heel?

The answer to that question is simple: R-Truth needs to turn heel. As B/R's Mike Chiari recently wrote in an article, R-Truth's babyface gimmick "has been ridiculous for quite some time, but it wasn't as apparent when he was part of a tag team. Kofi's gimmick is respectable at the very least, so it was easy to overlook Truth's antics."

In a poll conducted by Chiari, 76 percent of those currently polled (294, including me) believe that R-Truth will fare poorly as a singles competitor due to his current babyface gimmick.

Here's an idea:

On the next episode of Monday Night Raw, let's have a rematch between R-Truth and Clay. Let's also have R-Truth once again try to get out of the match by claiming that Little Jimmy wants to dance.

This time, however, let's have R-Truth turn heel and attack Clay. The following week, let's have R-Truth cut a promo similar to the brilliant one that he gave back in April 2011 after he attacked John Morrison.

What do you think? Should R-Truth turn heel? Can he survive as a mentally ill babyface? Share your thoughts!