NHL Lockout: Sidney Crosby Hopeful for NHL Season, Playing Overseas on Hold

Suraj Sukumar@Sukumar_S87Correspondent IIOctober 13, 2012

Sidney Crosby still hopeful for NHL season, maybe we should be, too.
Sidney Crosby still hopeful for NHL season, maybe we should be, too.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The NHL lockout has been the talk of the hockey world for almost a month, and there doesn't seem to be any changes from either the NHL or NHLPA to suggest improvements anytime soon. 

However, Sidney Crosby, one of the best hockey players the planet has to offer, is still optimistic the NHL season will take place. 

When asked if the entire season is under threat, Crosby provided the following statement via the Canadian Press:

I can't see it getting to that point, I really can't. It hasn't even cross my mind to be honest with you. I think, if anything, my thoughts are more just about whether the NHL has a date in mind and just when they're actually going to start negotiating.

Shelley Anderson, the Pittsburgh Penguins reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, asked Crosby his feelings regarding rumours of the NHL having a preemptive mid-November deadline to end the NHL lockout. She provided the following statement on behalf of Sidney Crosby via Twitter:

I really hope that's not the case. I think everyone hopes they're negotiating in good faith and they're not stalling because they have a certain date in mind. that's not the way to do it.

The reason for a mid-November deadline makes perfect sense. 

The NHL would get to continue its plans to hold the Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs, not to mention NHL All-Star weekend later in the calendar year.

These are two of the most profitable weekends in the NHL season and the owners, understandably, would love to get the labour dispute resolved by then.

If this is the case, shame on the NHL. 

There are many individuals involved in this dispute, including employees of NHL teams and arenas who are left without work. Let's not forget the NHL fans who help pay those million-dollar salaries. 

It's about time to take the negotiation process seriously, especially when Crosby, their most prized employee, seems willing to as well. 

 Chin up, NHL fans, there's still hope.