WWE: CM Punk, Ryback, Cena's Elbow? We Have Bigger Issues!

Nick BolyardContributor IIIOctober 14, 2012

It's a busy and less than exciting time in the WWE.  Vince McMahon returned to the ring.  Ryback is looking at going into the main event.  CM Punk is going all Ron Artest (Metta World Peace?) on fans. There is so much going on that we are forgetting the true issues in today's WWE.  Let's get started.


Little Jimmy and Funkasaurus Are Gonna Get Got!

So I've read that Vince isn't a fan of the Funkasaurus and Little Jimmy.  In fact, before he was rudely interrupted by CM Punk, he was going to say something about them.  I'll admit the first time Brodus Clay came out to Ernest "The Cat" Miller's music, it was kind of funny.  Now it's just an infectious disease, rotting the core of a once-great program.

As for Little Jimmy, it started out great when R-Truth thought it was someone out to get him.  Now it's creepy.  I'm not saying Ron Killings is anything like him (I know it is just a character) but the idea of a grown man of almost 40 is hanging out with an invisible little kid, that isn't his son.  I hope they met through Big Brothers because if not, it's just wrong.  



By far, this is the best thing going on for WWE.  Daniel Bryan and Kane are magic together.  Not only do they provide entertainment, they are helping the tag team division.  When was the last time the tag titles got so much love?  Even when DX had them, no one really cared due to lack of competition.  

Usually when WWE throws two guys together in a team, it does not work.  However, I believe they hit a home run with them.  The best part is that they are neither face or heel fully, so they have more options for opponents.  Dr. Shelby would be proud.


APB Out for Ice-Cream Bars

Seriously, it's been over a year.  I don't think this is happening.  


The Miz

Man, did this guy fall!  After all the promoting for WWE he did as champion, all he gets is a token IC Title run and a crappy direct-to-DVD movie.  Now, Kerwin White (aka Chavo Guerrero) is going to beat him up?  Well, at least his girlfriend is hot.


Vinny Mac

For an old guy, that dude is jacked.  Vince appeared on Raw this past Monday and turned in a great return performance.  During his match, Vince certainly did not look like a man of almost 70.  He brawled with the self-proclaimed Best in the World and made it look good.  

Vince was visibly banged up (unlike that guy with the shades in the crowd).  I wonder if Vince's face felt warm when CM Punk hit him with that kendo stick?

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