Could Atletico Madrid Be the Biggest Threat to Barcelona in La Liga?

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer IOctober 15, 2012

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - SEPTEMBER 20:  Domingo Cisma of Club Atletico de Madrid in action during the UEFA Europa League group stage match between Hapoel Tel-Aviv FC and Club Atletico de Madrid on September 20, 2012 at Itztadion Bloomfield in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Photo by Gali Tibbon/EuroFootball/Getty Images)
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Atletico Madrid is making an impression during the current La Liga BBVA season. The current La Liga table places the club in second place behind FC Barcelona, both teams with 19 points to their name.

Atletico Madrid and Barca both have won six of their seven matches and have one draw in the season. Barcelona have a goal difference of plus-two.

Atletico Madrid appear to be the biggest threat to La Blaugrana at the moment. What are the reasons?



Team Unity


Atletico Madrid striker Ibrahima talked about team unity. He said "team unity is the key" for Atletico Madrid in the current season.

Ibrahima talked about the unity of the players in the dressing rooms and on the field. He talked about the support from fans and other players on the Atletico Madrid website.

The idea of team unity (with notable exceptions of Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona) is not common. The reason is the clash of personalities in the majority of the clubs.

While team unity is a factor in Atletico Madrid being a big threat to Barca, there are more reasons.





The concept of team unity and a positive attitude is the key to 90 percent of the victories. An example of a positive attitude is gratitude.


Ibrahima thanked Atletico Madrid for being able to play for the team. This is the first time I have read an article about a player thanking his team.

It is a great thing at a time when there are players who complain about their clubs.

While attitude is one of the keys for Atletico Madrid being a threat to Barca, there is another one.



Radamel Falcao


Radamel Falcao is another reason why Atletico Madrid could be the biggest threat to Barca. Falcao captured international attention during the UEFA Super Cup.

Atletico Madrid faced Chelsea in the tournament with the latter having an advantage. Falcao surprised everyone by scoring three goals for Atletico Madird.

The result was Atletico Madrid defeating Chelsea to win the UEFA Super Cup. Falcao has not disappointed his team in the current La Liga season.

Falcao has managed eight goals, one assist and 25 shots in six matches according to ESPN. It is not surprising that there are rumors of Premier League teams wanting to sign Falcao this January.





While Atletico Madrid poses a big threat to Barca, it is still early in the season. It remains to be seen how Atletico Madrid will fare in the current season.

The next match for Atletico Madrid will be against Real Sociedad. While Real Sociedad is in 13th place in La Liga, no team should be underestimated.

The same applies to Barca when they face Deportivo La Coruna, which is currently threatened with relegation. It will be interesting to see how La Liga progresses with Atletico Madrid and FC Barcelona.


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