TNA Bound for Glory Recap: Devon Joins Aces and Eights, Hardy Captures Title

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IIOctober 15, 2012

TNA Bound For Glory 2012. (Photo credit:
TNA Bound For Glory 2012. (Photo credit:

If you are a wrestling fan that enjoys unpredictability, TNA Bound For Glory was the right pay-per-view to see on Sunday night.

TNA pulled the shocker card all night, as Bound For Glory featured multiple title changes and revealed on the leaders of Aces and Eights.


Title changes at Bound For Glory:

There were four new champions crowned at Bound For Glory. Rob Van Dam came out of nowhere on Impact! Wrestling last Thursday to challenge for the X-Division belt against Zema Ion. In what I was predicting to be a victory for Ion to retain the title because of the lack of promotion for the match, the decision to put the belt on Van Dam stunned me. However, it helps put a bigger name on the X-Division list. 

The second title switch was the World Tag Team titles. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have done excellent work as heel tag team partners, causing all sorts of issues on Impact! Wrestling. However, at Bound For Glory, Daniels and Kazarian saw their run end. It was not Kurt Angle and AJ Styles with the Tag Team belts. Rather, TNA put their faith in Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. 

If Guerrero and Hernandez were around longer, I would not see this as an issue. However, both Guerrero and Hernandez, in my opinion, are not quite there yet to have the belts around their waists. I was a tad disappointed that the Tag Team titles were not retained by Daniels and Kazarian. On the flip side, Daniels and Kazarian have new life to breathe in them, as now they can again cause problems on Impact! Wrestling, this time with Guerrero and Hernandez in hopes of getting back their hard earned belts.

Miss Tessmacher has not been a bad Knockouts champion. Throughout 2012 thus far, she has improved quite nicely with her in-ring skills. At Bound For Glory, Tara stepped in and took away the Knockouts title from Miss Tessmacher. It appears there could be a potential feud rising between Miss Tessmacher and Tara. After winning back her title, Tara introduced her "Hollywood" boyfriend she had been talking about on Impact! Wrestling. That boyfriend was former Big Brother television star Jessie Godderz.

The fourth title switch of the night was the World Heavyweight Championship match. TNA had perfect timing when Austin Aries captured the title from Bobby Roode at the Destination X pay-per-view. At that time, momentum seemed to be on Aries' side. However, TNA elected to pull the plug on Aries and hand the belt over to Jeff Hardy at Bound For Glory.

Was this a good or bad decision by TNA? It can go either way. The good part of this is by putting the Heavyweight belt on Hardy, TNA could receive immediate interest on what will happen next to Aries. Switching the belt to Hardy also gives the company a bigger name with the title. Meanwhile, the down side to having Hardy be the champion holder is that Aries had a short-lived run with the title. Although Aries' championship reign was a far cry from Bobby Roode's immaculate run as the World Heavyweight champion, the loss puts a slight dent in Austin's value.

The loss could make the decision much easier by TNA to turn Aries into a full fledged heel character on Impact! Wrestling. After all, especially after a devastating loss at Bound For Glory, this would save Aries from losing any sort of momentum and spotlight on television. Look for TNA to continue the Aries and Hardy feud into the next pay-per-view.

The only title change that did not appear was for the TNA Television title between Samoa Joe and Magnus. Joe was able to retain the title in a solid match with Magnus.


TNA had everyone shocked with Aces and Eights:

Who would have ever thought TNA would slot Devon in to be one of the leaders of Aces and Eights? After Devon was revealed to be one of the master minds behind the group, TNA pulled off one of the biggest shockers in its company history.

Devon might have not been on anyone's list to be revealed as one of its leaders. Fans at the arena were stunned to see Devon even there. Both TNA and Devon truly did a remarkable job to keep things quiet and play with people's minds. Devon could be that spark Aces and Eights needs going forward.


My final thoughts on Bound For Glory:

It is safe to say that this year's Bound For Glory was a thumbs up show. There was plenty of action and good matches to watch, along with lots of title changes.

James Storm and Bobby Roode stole the show with their street fight performance. It was one of the most intense, hardcore matches I had ever watched. It told the tale of their past friendship and hatred towards their characters on television. Although it appears their feud is finally over, TNA could still pull some strings to pro-long their battle even further.

Although this match was not one of the major highlights of the pay-per-view, Joey Ryan's victory over Al Snow to earn a TNA contract was a good decision. Having the returning Matt Morgan pair with Ryan also makes things intriguing. Morgan, who has not been seen on TNA television in months, and Ryan should make a dynamic tag team duo if TNA elects to go that route. 

This pay-per-view was worth the buy and after witnessing multiple title changes and shocks, Impact! Wrestling has plenty of questions to answer on Thursday night.