WWE: John Cena Will Not Be an Innocent Bystander in the Punk-Ryback Title Match

Bill Atkinson@@BAtkinson1963Analyst IOctober 15, 2012

Ryback sets CM Punk up for his Shell Shocked finisher at the end of the Oct. 15 Raw. (Photo from WWE.com
Ryback sets CM Punk up for his Shell Shocked finisher at the end of the Oct. 15 Raw. (Photo from WWE.com

Two weeks before WWE Hell in a Cell 2012, and we finally have our main event match. CM Punk will defend the WWE championship against Ryback.

It will be an established star against a white-hot star. It will be speed and a martial-arts background against brute strength.

The “Best in the World” versus “Feed Me More.”

So why then is John Cena looming so large over this match? Sure, he waited until the absolute last minute to step aside, saying it was time that Punk get his butt kicked and that Ryback should be the one to do it.

But what does this say about Cena’s part in the WWE title picture? He claimed his recovery from elbow surgery would be complete by the time Hell in a Cell rolled around. But either his rehab has not been what was expected, or the WWE Creative Team is creating one heck of a storyline to come out of Hell in a Cell.

My guess is the latter. John Cena is not just going to be an innocent bystander.

Cena’s presence is going to hover over this match, much like the top of the steel cage. Perhaps he will be a guest referee. Perhaps he will be in Ryback’s corner to offset Paul Heyman being in Punk’s.

Or maybe…just maybe…we will see that long-anticipated Cena heel turn.

Picture this: After a long battle, Ryback hits Punk with the Shell Shocked finisher and wins the belt. Cena runs in appearing to congratulate Ryback, but instead attacks him.

Bingo! There is your main event for the TLC pay-per-view later this year. It either could be a Ryback-Cena battle or a Triple Threat involving Punk, depending upon how much noise he makes after Hell in a Cell.

What do you think will happen? Share your feedback with us.

Or better yet, your "Feed Me More-back."


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