Distractions, Lack of Training Could Trigger Manny Pacquiao's Losing Streak

Leo ReyesAnalyst IOctober 16, 2012

Manny Pacquiao with Assistant Trainer Buboy Fernandez
Manny Pacquiao with Assistant Trainer Buboy FernandezJeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images

Lack of quality time to train and unexpected political distractions could trigger Manny Pacquiao's losing streak, starting off with his fourth encounter with longtime foe Juan Manuel Marquez on December 8.

While on training for his recent fight with Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao admitted he was distracted before the Marquez fight. Bradley then unexpectedly snatched his WBO welterweight belt in a controversial split decision that drew widespread protest from boxing fans around the world.

It may be recalled that all three judges in the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight gave identical scores of 115-113, with two judges favoring Bradley.

In a poll posted by CSNBayArea.com, among 53 media people who covered or watched the fight, 50 of them said Pacquiao won the fight, while just three said Bradley was the winner.

In another poll, HBO Sports reported 91 percent of those who viewed the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight said Pacquiao won, while only seven percent believed Bradley was the victor and two percent deemed it a draw (via InsideSports).

Knowing Pacquiao had indeed won over Bradley, fight fans are saying his fourth fight with Marquez will now trigger his downfall if he gives more time to his politics and less time with serious training.

Early this month, Pacquiao said he has dispensed with his usual training in Baguio City in favor of a full-time, eight-week training at Freddie Roach Wild Card Gym in Hollywood

His eight-week commitment to train with Freddie Roach should have started last October 8, but latest reports indicate he is moving to Hollywood on October 27 (manilatimes.net). This will leave him with only six weeks of training at the Wild Card Gym.



Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, said he is not happy over Pacquiao's delay in reporting to Roach's Gym for training.

"Manny has to decide whether he is a boxer or he's a politician,” a peeved Arum told local sports commentator Ronnie Nathanielsz, via ABS-CBN News.

“I would like for the next two months for him to be a boxer and then the politics will take care of itself when he finishes the fight with Marquez. But that's up to him," Arum added.

Pacquiao is running for reelection as lone district congressman of Sarangani province in southern Philippines. His  wife, Jinkee is likewise running for the first time as vice governor of Sarangani.

It would seem Pacquiao has made some of his fans sad with his political distractions and his failure to fulfill his commitment for restricted, full time and serious training under Roach at the Wild Card Gym.

Meanwhile, his opponent Juan Manuel Marquez, is wasting no time in building his stamina and finding ways and strategies to prove  he is the better fighter by beating Pacquiao on December 8 and to substantiate his claim that he has been robbed of his victories in their last three fights.