From Denver Fans to Denver Brass: "Answers, Please!"

Jared AmrineContributor IMarch 11, 2009

The Denver Broncos are absolutely unraveling before the eyes of the front range! Pat Bowlen stunned Colorado when he fired Mike Shanahan, and while doing it he claimed control must be retaken.

How exactly did that happen? Josh McDaniels appears to have more control over this thing than Shanahan did! Unless you assume Bowlen is on board with letting Cutler go.

Wait, then why did he go out of his way saying Cutler would be informed of what was going on during the coach search, and why did he make comments like, "He (Cutler) is the man around here now".

This whole thing is BAFFLING! Just when it seems like things may have been blown out of proportion, they drop another bomb! And another and another. What is next? Nothing adds up here.

McDaniels appears way off base, completely ignorant and misinformed. Even more puzzling are Brian Xanders and Pat Bowlen! Where are they? This is a personnel matter.

That is Brian Xanders' JOB DESCRIPTION! Or was he just hired to play with the salary cap? What a sweet job! Where is Patrick Bowlen? He is demonstrating even less control of this franchise than before Dec. 30.