WWE Main Event: Why Kofi Kingston's Intercontinental Championship Reign Matters

Hector DiazAnalyst IOctober 17, 2012

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

WWE.com notes that Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz in an Intercontinental Championship match during the latest edition of WWE Main Event

Announcing the new championship reign before it airs is obviously WWE’s way of encouraging viewers to watch its new show, but the reign itself shows that there will once again be a focus on the Intercontinental Championship.  

Ever since The Miz swiftly defeated Christian to win the title on Raw 1000, the importance of the belt has dwindled. It’s only purpose at that point was to seemingly put the spotlight on one of WWE’s most entertaining talkers. And it worked. 

The Miz once again had a reason to gloat, as he has been taken out of the WWE Championship picture for some time. Continually bragging about being WWE Champion when he lost the title more than a year ago would have given the impression that The Miz’s glory days were clearly behind him. 

Throughout his reign, The Miz talked more than he wrestled, which is a given for his character. At the same time, this took away any prestige that the belt might have had. It became a displaced accomplishment in an organization that is constantly devaluing its titles. 

He did, however, defend his Intercontinental Championship against Rey Mysterio at Summerslam. But as entertaining as the match was, it was only booked to fill up time as there was never a rivalry built around it. 

The Miz-Mysterio pseudo-rivalry continued to the next pay-per-view, Night of Champions, since all WWE titles must be defended as the pay-per-view’s name indicates. This time, the match was a thrown together bout between The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Mysterio and Sin Cara. 



Fast forward to the Larry King segment on Raw, The Miz finally developed some sort of feud with Kofi Kingston. 

The match made last Monday on Raw, where both superstars gave it their all, quite entertaining, especially during Kingston’s very real finisher. 

The title change on WWE Main Event is surprising but is more of a business decision. Nevertheless, a feud is built surrounding the Intercontinental Championship as a result. Intercontinental gold will slowly become the acclaim of year's past rather than simply an indicator that the current titleholder deserves some spotlight. 

Given that WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is approaching in two weeks, a rematch should come as no surprise. Expect the title to be the starting point of an entertaining midcard feud between The Miz and Kofi Kingston.