Oh My God! That's Joe Nathan's Music!

Brian McBrideContributor IMarch 11, 2009

I have a great idea that will never be implemented...ever. I want MLB closers to have professional wrestling entrances when they are called into the game. 

Imagine the fan fare as Enter Sandman blares through the new Yanks stadium and Mariano Rivera steps through a cloud of smoke.  Fireworks erupting around him and batters trembling. 

Furthermore, I want the closer's entrance to be secret. I want him to be warmed up in a private bullpen.  Then, as the middle reliever walks a batter, music fills the ballpark.

"STAND UP AND SHOUT" will fire over the P.A. at the Metrodome as fireworks pop in center field.  Bert Blyleven shouts, "Oh my god! That's Joe Nathan's Music!"  Everyone's adrenaline is skyrocketing.

This would go beyond exciting for the fans.  Imagine, the first time this year at Miller Park, when Hell's Bells announces Trevor Hoffman's entrance. 

Picture the 41-year-old Hoffman posing proudly in front of multi-colored strobe lights as 42,000 drunk Brewer fans scream at the top of their lungs. 

This is my dream, but alas it is only a dream.