Lennox Lewis Loses Mind, Says David Haye Deserves Title Shot

Kevin McRaeFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2012

It sure is funny.
It sure is funny.Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Really Lennox? Really?

You were one of the, possibly the, greatest heavyweight of your era. You beat Holyfield, Tyson, Mercer, Tua, and even one of the seemingly untouchable Klitschko's. 

But maybe that big Hasim Rahman hook in South Africa did more damage than we thought.

In a report today from BoxingScene.com Lewis stated he feels fellow Brit David Haye deserves a world title shot against Vitali Klitschko. 

Lewis logic? Well it's quite simple.

Chisora slapped Vitali. How can you do that to the champion? If I was there, I would have hit him, but Vitali is too honorable for that. It would be good to see a fight between Haye and Klitschko. I do not [put my stock] in the ratings. Haye should be a contender to Klitschko, because he knocked Chisora out."

Now follow that. Dereck Chisora slapped Vitali, and was then knocked out by Haye, therefore Haye earned a title shot. 

So that's all it takes to earn a heavyweight title shot these days? Knock out the guy who slapped the champ, and then lost 10 rounds to him when the actual fight happened?

Mind you Chisora had also lost three of his previous four fights before facing Haye, and losing again, in July.

This is more a testament to the overall weakness of the heavyweight division than anything else. There's really not much out there for the Klitschko's except what they've been doing -- fighting unknown European fighters with gaudy records but no public profile.


Haye at least comes to the fight with an attitude and brashness that helps sell. But he's done absolutely nothing in the ring to warrant another shot.

Do we forget we've seen this show before? Haye promised to knock out Wladimir Klitschko when the two fought in July of last year. Did he deliver?

Not only did he not deliver, he didn't show up. He mailed it in and got absolutely schooled by a man who barely broke a sweat.

It was embarrassing. Embarrassing for Haye, and embarrassing for the heavyweight division. Sorry Lennox. There is no need to see that again. 

That said, I'd bet my bottom dime, that this fight happens sometime next year. There is simply little else out there.

But let's not delude ourselves into believing that Haye deserves it or earned it.