Penn-St. Pierre 3: Sooner Than You Think

Nate LawsonCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

The third meeting between B.J. Penn and Geroges St. Pierre is upon us. Unfortunately, it will not be taking place in the octagon.

On Monday, B.J. Penn's camp filed a document of 20 pages with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, according to

The report includes the Vaseline issue. It also includes a report of St. Pierre taking a substance that made his body excessively slippery; however, this is just an allegation at this point.

Penn is looking for a suspension to St. Pierre and his team, along with a fine of a quarter of a million dollars to St. Pierre.

A little excessive?

I find this report unbelievably ridiculous, but I guess it is the excuse Penn was looking for after getting battered by St. Pierre.

I respect Penn as a fighter, but as for a real Penn-St. Pierre 3, I hope it never happens. Penn is clearly not at St. Pierre's level and I highly doubt he will ever be.

Simply stated, Penn needs to move on and stick to his training and his work in the octagon. While he is at it, he should probably stick to the lightweight division where he obviously belongs.