Diamond Dawgs Light It Up to Start 2009 Season

Brennen SCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

After a disappointing loss to Fresno State in the College World Series, the Diamond Dawgs left Oklahoma knowing they would lose two of their best players in Gordon Beckham and Joshua Fields. These big losses lowered the expectations for the 2009 season, and it showed when the Dawgs were ranked as low as No. 14 in the preseason polls.

However, the Diamond Dawgs are 14 games into the season, and they are 14-0 heading into conference play this weekend verses Alabama.

And for what it's worth, the Dawgs have climbed up to No. 1 in two polls, and are in at least the top five of every other major poll (does 14-0 and No. 1 look eerily simliar to what we hoped the football team would be in 2009?). So, looking on to the rest of the season, here are some pros and cons about the Dawgs being 14-0 right out of the gates.


This 14-0 start is the best start in Georgia baseball history, and it is tied for 2nd for longest streak in UGA baseball history. While this is great news, this may give the team a false sense of security going into the gaunlet that is an SEC baseball schedule.

I say this because while the Dawgs are undefeated, they have played the likes of: Youngstown State (2-9), Presbyterian (2-9), Arizona (8-6), Wofford (5-5), Quinnipiac (0-8), and Le Moyne (2-8).

So, the Dawgs are 14-0 with victories over one team over .500. I wouldn't get too excited just yet, but hey, they are 14-0, how many more cons can there be right now?


The 14-0 start is also great because it gives the young Dawgs experience, and it gives the entire team confidence going into conference play. The teams knows what they are capable of, and that they are a force to be reckoned with in '09 (weak schedule or not). Now for the statistics, (which are definitely all pros):

  • The Diamond Dawgs have 10 batters averaging better than .300 (four of which are batting .400 or better).
  • Both starting pitchers have ERAs under three.
  • In the 1st fourteen games, the Dawgs have outscored their opponents 164-49.
  • The Dawgs have scored in double digits 11 out of 14 games.

So, with the start of a new college baseball season comes many surprises, and the 2009 Georgia Baseball team is one of them. The Bulldogs look to defend their SEC title this year, and hope to finally win the CWS under Dave Perno. 14-0. No. 1. Do we have any believers?