Could Dave Batista Make a Shock Return to the WWE at Hell in a Cell?

Cardiff WandererCorrespondent IIOctober 20, 2012

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Since leaving the WWE in the summer of 2010, there has been little indication that "The Animal" Dave Batista has had any plans to return to the squared circle.

The 6' 6" giant has created an impressive niche for himself in the world of film, and this has kept him busy for most of his post-WWE time. Alongside those commitments, Batista has also been training in MMA, which saw him victorious in his first outing this October.

So why would Batista come back to the WWE now?

Mainly because pure coincidence may have opened up an opportunity for Batista to return, which could add to his wrestling legacy and will solve the confusion surrounding the WWE title picture. 

Due to the fight he had this October, Batista has no filming planned, nor does he have a fight lined up. This gives him free time to do as he pleases before working out what his next endeavor might be.

The WWE, on the other hand, is significantly shorthanded right now. The loss of John Cena has seen Ryback elevated to a main event slot before he was truly ready, and this has opened up many questions that cannot be currently answered. 

Some of these questions include: what happens when Cena returns? Will Ryback have to turn heel to accommodate Cena? How will that dynamic between the three men work, especially as CM Punk and Cena are so audio centered while Ryback concentrates on his catch-phase?

Introducing Batista to do a short-term program with Ryback—which helps Punk retain and naturally moves Ryback out of the title scene once Cena returns—could be ideal. A win for Ryback over Batista would be a great achievement as well, as this would confirm in some fans' minds that he is really a big deal. 

Agreeing to a contract that would only see Batista do Raw would not conflict with his MMA training unduly, and the additional exposure could help keep the media interest in him high. 

This could be a win-win situation for all.