Amsterdam Marathon Results: Top American Performers

Mike ShiekmanFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2012

When you scroll down to check out the top-ten finishers at the Amsterdam Marathon, you won’t see any American runners.

Just like the Olympics, the United States is a bit behind Kenya and Ethiopia in challenging for top marathoner honors. All right, more than a bit.

That doesn’t mean the Americans didn’t conquer the Netherlands course. Several had impressive showings in the marathon out of the 10,000 that participated. Many runners came with inspiring stories or a storied running history.

Check out some highlights from the American performers in Amsterdam.


Chris Hartshorn

Hartshorn, from Concord, MA, finished with the fastest American time and 33rd best overall. He finished with a gross time of 2:26:09, just 21 minutes off the first place finisher. In the 2011 Boston Marathon, Hartshorn finished among the top-four runners from Massachusetts.

He may not be excited to finished 32 places behind the first place finisher, but he can call himself the fastest American marathoner on this day.


Iyla Kolmogorov

The next American finish happened 400 marathoners later. Kolmogorov, from Chicago, took home a time of 3:02:02, putting him in 448th place for the day.

According to Kolmogorov’s race log, this is his seventh marathon. The Amsterdam race marks one of his better runs, among the New York City Marathon, Berlin Marathon and more. In Berlin he recorded his best time, running for 2:48:36.


Roman Pyasta

The Amsterdam Marathon was Pyasta’s 12th race, an impressive feat by itself. Even more he finished 554th at the Netherlands, with a time of 3:05:14.

Pyasta, from Wauwatosa, WI, has run in three straight Boston Marathons; his best recorded time came in Berlin, where he finished with a time of 3:02:08 and a 6:57 pace.

Pyasta seems to run well when he goes overseas. He surely has been a great ambassador for American marathoners abroad.