Ryback: Why the WWE Superstar Needs More Time to Evolve

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2012

photo on Flickr by simononly
photo on Flickr by simononly

Ryback needs more time to evolve.

The No. 1 contender is on the fast track to become WWE Champion. Ryback could become champion come next Sunday in the Hell in a Cell match against current champion CM Punk.

Ryback has been dominant and impressive in his matches. There’s no denying the raw talent he has could make him into a champion someday. However, it’s happening too fast and too soon.

All we know about this WWE Superstar is that he loves to fight. That’s all we know. He tells the crowd and management to feed him more. “Feed me more,” are the only words we’ve heard Ryback say.

How many wrestlers loved to fight? Count almost everyone in the attitude era on that list. Sheamus loves to fight, but we know a little more about him than Ryback. The same goes for Wade Barrett. Both Sheamus and Barrett are European brawlers, though Barrett is separated from Sheamus due to leading the Nexus in 2010. Sheamus is the world champion and has shown a more light-hearted side as of late. Ryback needs that time to develop his personality.

Nothing’s wrong with Ryback saying little. In fact, “Feed. Me. More,” is taking off with the WWE Universe. As long as he wins and utters those words, all could be right with his career.

The problem lies in the fast track he’s been on. The WWE must weigh the possible reception Ryback will receive if he wins the WWE Title next week.

Two weeks ago, he was over in Sacramento when he interfered in Punk’s match with Vince McMahon. Last week was a different story. Ryback received a decent reaction during the contract signing. It was nothing spectacular, which should be perceived as a red flag for the WWE.

It’s too soon for Ryback to be in a main event of this magnitude, especially in a match as historically significant as Hell in a Cell. He needs time to develop into a main event guy. What the creative team could do is expand on his personality. There has to be more than, well, “FEED. ME. MORE!”

Take a look at the meteoric rise of Brock Lesnar a decade ago. Lesnar had one of the best managers in the business to guide him in Paul Heyman. He went through a list of former and future world champions before obtaining the WWE Title from The Rock at 2002’s SummerSlam.

Ryback hasn’t had that. He’s only beaten jobbers, local wrestlers and others who have fallen from their initial status. The only former champions he’s defeated are The Miz and Jack Swagger.

Ryback needs a resume and a lengthy feud to evolve into a better wrestler. He needs to be tested. Maybe CM Punk will help in that. But there are others who can help Ryback look better.

No one knows where Ryback can go after the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, but one thing’s for certain: in order for Ryback to survive in his newfound status, he needs to move forward and evolve.