Ray Allen Needs to Stop Talking About the Boston Celtics and Move on

Matthew SchmidtFeatured ColumnistOctober 22, 2012

MIAMI, FL - SEPTEMBER 28:  Ray Allen #34 of the Miami Heat talks to the media during media day at the American Airlines Arena on September 28, 2012 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Another day, another comment from Miami Heat guard Ray Allen about his former team, the Boston Celtics.

First, it was Allen saying the Celtics didn't put a good enough contract offer on the table for him, citing that as a primary reason as to why he left. Allen also said that the fans shouldn't boo him, but that they should instead boo the C's organization.

But wait; there's more.

Two days later, Allen got a little more candid about his situation with Rajon Rondo, even essentially blaming Rondo's relationship with Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge as to why they were both shopped to the Phoenix Suns in 2009 (but wait, Ray; I thought you were so bitter about being shopped? So they shopped you and Rondo in the same trade? Rondo doesn't seem to have any problem with that, does he?).

Well, here are two words for you Ray: Shut up.

The season starts in a week-and-a-half. The Celtics have moved on. The fact that they went out and landed Courtney Lee after Allen signed with the Heat is concrete evidence of that. Considering you are now a member, Miami, you should move on, too.

I'm not sure if Allen understands that no one really cares about what he has to say anymore. He is no longer in Boston. He hasn't been in Boston for three-and-a-half months. The C's are very happy with their current group of guys. Everyone seems to get along swimmingly, with newcomers like Lee and Jason Terry fitting right into the "Ubuntu" concept and guys like Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox bringing hope to all by each making their way back from injury. Ray is now a thing of the past.

Yet, Allen still feels the need to voice his displeasure toward the franchise. Are you happy in Miami, Ray? Well if you are, then why are you still talking? Talk to LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Go over schemes and strategy with Erik Spoelstra. Go out to dinner with Pat Riley. Don't talk to the media about Rajon Rondo, and don't tell Celtics fans they should boo a franchise that has won 17 championships.

It is no secret that Boston fans were angry with Allen when he signed with the Heat, but that was a long time ago. Those who support the team are much more concerned with the development of Jared Sullinger and how Avery Bradley's recovery from shoulder surgery is going than Allen's feelings. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

Also, when Keyon Dooling, a well-known class act, of all people, is throwing subtle shots at you, you know you've messed up somewhere. Of course, Dooling, being the nice guy that he is, sugarcoated his comments, but he said that Allen did not know how to communicate with Rondo the way veterans like Kevin Garnett and himself did. Now Rondo is no angel, but it sure sounds like Ray wasn't some innocent Boy Scout here. Allen will say whatever he wants, but there are two sides to every story.

And notice how you haven't heard a peep out of Rondo about his relationship with Allen. Why? Because he doesn't care. All he cares about is winning. Meanwhile, Allen is clearly caught up in personal vendettas. That's not to say that the all-time three-point leader doesn't want to win, but there are clearly other factors at play in that enigmatic mind of his.

Allen spent five years in Boston. He won a title there. Sure, he may have been shopped around, but so was Rondo, several times. So was Paul Pierce. Heck, even K.G. was included in a potential trade. Stop complaining and be grateful you had the opportunity to play for such a fine organization.

Ray, you left for a team that is currently the Celtics' biggest rival. The fans aren't going to show you any sympathy. Rondo doesn't care what you have to say.

So do the wise thing and just stop talking. You're making yourself look more and more foolish and bitter by the day.