Prepare For The Outrage Update: Big Ten On Course for Eight Bids

Jeff StineCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

Earlier this week, I wrote about the likelihood that the much maligned Big Ten would get more bids than either the Big East or ACC:

Below is a brief update of where each team stands as of 6PM Eastern Thursday afternoon:

1) Minnesota - Got the win they needed over an upstart Northwestern team.  Almost certainly in the tournament now.

2) Boston College - Plays Virginia tonight.  Closer to dancing with losses by Kansas State, Providence and Miami (Fl).  Win tonight and their likely in.

3) Michigan - Rolled over Iowa today (who had been playing much better of late).  I think they are in.

4) Penn State - Currently taking care of business against Indiana (up 49-28 early in the second half).  If this holds, they should be in.

5) Virginia Tech - By beating Miami, they move up a spot but still likely need a win over North Carolina to punch their dance card. They are Likely NIT bound.

6) Maryland - Plays North Carolina State this evening.  Even if they beat NC State, they still likely need to beat Wake Forest tomorrow.  They are Likely NIT bound.

7) Providence - Beat DePaul (although not convincingly) but lost handily to Louisville.  They are Likely NIT bound.

8) Miami (Fl) - Lost their bubble matchup with Virginia Tech, a game they had to win.  They are NIT Bound.

9) Northwestern - Like Miami, lost their bubble matchup with Minnesota, one of two or three games they had to win.  They are NIT bound.

To recap, at this point, it looks like the Big Ten will send eight teams to the NCAA tournament, while the Big East will send seven and the ACC looks as though they will just send six.