A-Rod Likely to Remain with the New York Yankees in 2013

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIOctober 24, 2012

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi declared Alex Rodriguez his starting third basemen for the 2013 season without any competition to worry about.

"I expect Alex to be our every-day third baseman," Girardi said during his end-of-the-year news conference. "What is he going to have to show me? That he is healthy and ready to go.

"That's the bottom line -- that he has no concerns and we have no concerns about putting him out there every day."

This comes with little surprise to me.

There is so much not being said about how much it would cost the Yankees to even think about trading him and eating up his contract.

Also, if they were to do so, who plays third base instead?  If the Mets lock up David Wright, and I believe they will, who would the Yankees use at the hot corner?

Eric Chavez?  Free-agent and former Boston Red Sox player Kevin Youkillis?

If there were other options out there that screamed success for the New York Yankees, I believe they wouldn't even be hesitant on pulling a trigger on a trade to get Alex out of the Bronx after that abysmal and controversial postseason.

However, there looks to be no greener grass on the market and Alex should stay a Yankee.


The Miami Marlins are the heavy favorite to be a possible fit for A-Rod's services.  Rodriguez, a Miami native and current resident, would most likely not have too many concerns with playing for this team.

I do think there is a big concern here: the absence of a designated-hitter spot.

An aged and injury prone Rodriguez needs that spot to get partial rest and remain in the lineup, especially in his later years.

Without that spot on the Marlins roster, it would be even harder for Rodriguez to remain healthy and active during his historic home run chase.


Speaking of home run chase, while the Yankees would be paying off most of A-Rod's salary if they were to trade him, they would miss out on a legendary moment if he were to break the record in a different uniform.

A bonus is due to Rodriguez if he breaks that record as well, so that would be an issue to go along with other concerns.

Bottom line, Rodriguez is better off working his issues out with his current team rather than the Yankees paying him to play somewhere else.

With so much already invested in him, it wouldn't be a good decision to just throw him away. 

The Yankees have gone halfway with Rodriguez; they might as well ride it out from here.

Who knows, maybe this rollercoaster of a career has another championship story to add to its legacy.


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