Jay Cutler Wants Out of Denver and the Detroit Lions Have the Solution

David McClureCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

It's no secret what is going on in Denver. Jay Cutler is not happy and trade rumors abound. Detroit has been a consistent target of these trade rumors since there involvement in a potential trade with Kansas City and New England.

Many people feel that Cutler is worth the No. 1 pick or a combination of picks. There is another option, however, that fits both teams well.

Remember that the original trade involved Detroit's second round pick. It would seem that Cutler is worth more though.

Detroit has a few things that work in there favor. First, they have a veteran quarterback that is expendable. Second, they have picks.

So I propose a trade:

Detroit sends Daunte Culpepper and the No. 33 pick to Denver in exchange for Jay Cutler.

Seems simple, but this is why it works:

First, the Broncos would benefit from having a veteran quarterback on their roster than can step in if needed.

Second, the Broncos should be able to draft a quarterback in the first round with the No. 12 pick. Especially when you consider that the Lions would no longer need Stafford. Stafford could fall or Sanchez could be there. Either way, the Broncos get a potential franchise quarterback.

The Broncos also get to add a pick at No. 33 that they could use on a solid DE/OLB hybrid. They get their quarterback for the future and a solid defensive player. Two things that they would need.

The Lions get a new quarterback for the future and can still draft an offensive linemen to protect him and a linebacker to bolster the defense.

It's a winning scenario for both teams. So why not make it happen guys?

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