Too Many Giants Threaten Dolph Ziggler's Chances of WWE Glory

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IIOctober 26, 2012

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If WWE superstar Dolph Ziggler stands by his word, he will hand over his Money in the Bank briefcase and challenge for the World Heavyweight title at some point during the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Considering the perfect success rate of Money in the Bank challengers who have cashed in their title opportunity after the champion has already had a championship match, it is highly likely that Ziggler will come out as the winner. 

Having two big behemoths taking each other to the limit, like Sheamus and Big Show surely will, also raises the “Showoff’s” probability of becoming the World Champion.

In fact, the WWE have produced a set of circumstances that makes Dolph Ziggler’s ascent to world champion the only logical conclusion.  

Yet it is those same giants that may hold Ziggler back once the fanfare of his arrival as champion dies down, forcing one of the WWE’s most exciting prospects to fall back to the midcard after his title run ends.  

Ziggler is certainly talented enough to be the champion, as the “Showoff” has shown improved mic skills in the past year to go along with his unquestioned ability within the squared circle. 

Consistently winning praise from the WWE Universe also underlined his position as a future champion, which in turn has lead to certain sections of the fanbase calling for him to have a title run for the past 18 months.  

Under any other circumstances, Dolph Ziggler would look set for WWE stardom. The issue that might force a stagnation in Ziggler’s growth into a champion is his size compared to the giants that currently sit at the top of Smackdown’s pecking order. 

Ziggler is a relatively average-sized man for the world of wrestling, billed at 6’ and 213 pounds. This is very different from both the current champion Sheamus, who is advertised at 6’7” tall and close to 300 pounds, and his challenger Big Show who is 7’ in height and 420 pounds in weight. 

Other potential challengers to the Heavyweight belt are also huge. Those close to the title include the 7’, 300-pound monster Kane, 6’7”, 246-pound Wade Barrett and the returning 6’4”, 420-pound Mark Henry.

Even smaller challengers like the 6’4”, 235-pound Randy Orton and 6’5”, 239-Pound Alberto Del Rio are far bigger than Ziggler.

This forces Ziggler into taking the underdog role against all these opponents, and this has had two notably negative effects upon Ziggler and his chances of establishing himself as a champion. 

The first consequence of his smaller stature is the number of losses he receives. It has not gone unnoticed that Ziggler loses many of his matches on Raw and Smackdown, despite being the better performer, and much of that is to do with his lack of size.

It is simply one of the unfortunate side-effects of being the smaller guy in a feud, as the booking team need to keep certain perceptions of reality in place to make the WWE look as convincing as possible.

The other issue that arises from working with such large men is that it is harder for Ziggler to be the showoff against them. He tends to be the one being broken down by his opponent, and then it is Ziggler who comes back with a surge of moves to equalize the situation. 

This leaves Ziggler with little opportunity to put on the theatrics that accompany someone who is portraying a character that is supposed to be, or at least believes he is, significantly better than everyone else.

Add in the losses which have to suggest to the audience that Ziggler is in fact not the best, and the character falls down despite the work done by the performer.

Weirdly, this issue would not be as pronounced if he was going after the WWE title. CM Punk, John Cena and even Ryback are within 4 inches of Ziggler’s height, and no one is more than 100 pounds heavier. Going up against these men, Ziggler would look to be within the average size, and so would be able to play his showoff role with far more ease.

This does not mean that Ziggler cannot make this run as champion, or any other opportunity, really successful. There is no doubt that he has the talent to be a star, and as Shawn Michaels has proved in the past, that can be enough to do anything.

However, fans of Dolph Ziggler should appreciate that it is going to be far more difficult for him to make his mark when he is so physically overmatched.