St. Louis Rams: Things I Wish I Had Said When I Said What I Said

Matthew Melton@mcmelton314Contributor IIIOctober 27, 2012

ST. LOUIS, MO - SEPTEMBER 16: Head coach Jeff Fisher of the St. Louis Rams calls personal to the sideline during an official timeout against the Washington Redskins at the Edward Jones Dome on September 16, 2012 in St. Louis, Missouri.  (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
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One of the things I've learned since becoming a Bleacher Report pontificator for the St. Louis Rams is that it is really hard predicting what's going to happen tomorrow.

It's difficult to digest what you are seeing today, let alone trying to decipher how things will play out the next day.

In that spirit, looking over the last four months, here's a list of things I wish I had said when I said what I said about our beloved Rams.



June 22:

"Physically speaking, Pead brings to mind visions of Jackson's predecessor---a quick, shifty runner who can change gears instantly in open space. Sound familiar?"

So Isaiah Pead is not the next coming of Marshall Faulk. 

But apparently Daryl Richardson is.

I was excited about the addition of Pead because it gave Sam Bradford another weapon in the offensive attack. 

Faulk was such a valuable member of the Greatest Show years because he forced defenses to prepare for the hand-off, the deep ball and the short pass that was disguised as a run.

Substitute Richardson's name for Pead's and everything is okay, right?



June 22:

"If you want to win an easy bar bet, take Zuerlein to lead the Rams in scoring next year, and drink for free on me."

Hope you are enjoying that drink, my friend.



July 18:

"There are several stud DEs in the NFC. Long is one of them. Sixteen sacks and he should be in for the Pro Bowl. I say he will do it."

Chris Long will need a few big games to get close to 16 sacks this season (he's on pace for about 10), but Robert Quinn seems destined to do so.

Quinn has seven sacks in the Rams' first seven games.

Quinn is one of the stud defensive ends in the NFC. He will get the necessary sacks to be suiting up for the NFC in the Pro Bowl.



August 2:

"Sam Bradford is also spending a lot of time throwing Quick's way, hopefully building a rapport with the rookie wideout that can pay off in the regular season. Quick needs to be able to make all the catches, because really, who else is going to?"

Well, it seems that pretty much everyone else is making the catches besides Brian Quick.

Danny Amendola made every catch required of him, even those that required him sacrificing his SC joint.

Brandon Gibson has made his fair share of tumbling, over the shoulder, one-handed catches.

And who can forget the speed show put on each week by Chris Givens?

The only one who has not made an impact on the team is the one considered most likely to do so.



September 4:

"I think Givens will have his moments this year, but I'm not expecting him to push Amendola, Brandon Gibson or Quick for playing time with the starters. Special teams offers Givens his best chance to make an impact for the Rams this year."

Yeah, right.

So, the injury to Amendola could not be completely foreseen. But Brian Quick choking playing time away from Givens was a ridiculous assertion.

Chris Givens is a starter on this Rams team. He has had his moments, no doubt, and those moments have shown that he is worthy of as large a role as anyone on the roster.

In my defense, I noted at that time that Givens' speed was a "wonderful addition to the Rams receiving corps."

Givens has been a wonderful addition to this team. Without him, I shiver to think at what our passing game would look like.



September 30:

"The Rams are taking shots downfield in the passing game. They play hard. They play to win. They play with an angry, nasty edge. This team under Fisher comes to fight."

I love it when the Rams are aggressive in the downfield passing game. It seems that every time Bradford hooks up with Givens or Amendola or Kendricks downfield, good things happen.

I sincerely believe that Jeff Fisher expects his team to win every game. Fisher believes these Rams can win the Super Bowl.

If the Rams players do their job, follow their assignment and outsmart the opponent, they can beat anyone.

Including the Patriots.


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