Meet the Women of Bikini Hockey League

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Meet the Women of Bikini Hockey League

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    As a complete rebuttal to the third National Hockey League lockout in 18 years, the Bikini Hockey League is in the process of providing a fresh faced approach to one of the greatest games in the world.

    For the Bikini Hockey League to prosper, the most important element is the players. The potential popularity of its players will be the key factor in any long-term viability.

    Based on the prospects listed on the BHL website, the most emanate from California with four. The states of Ohio and Illinois follow with three. Canada features several prospects, while there are also other prospects from various regions in the United States, including Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina and Texas.

    Three former NHL ice girls comprise some of the more notable prospects; Heather Josie Moore with the Phoenix Coyotes, and Molly Higgins plus Saundrine Lanouette of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Prospect: Katie Alexander, California

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    Katie Alexander, a 19-year-old from California, was one of the 10 girls selected for the pilot, but has very little experience as a player.

    A Los Angeles Kings fan (her favorite player is Kyle Clifford), Alexander (along with Moore and Jules Mernagh of Tennessee) represents an experiment on the part of the BHL; to involve some girls with little hockey experience to see how they compete against more seasoned players.

    When not competing, Alexander works at a sports bar in Arizona, and her long-term goal is to be in the employ of the NHL Network.

Prospect: Heather Josie Moore, Arizona

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    Of all the prospects, Heather Josie Moore is the oldest at 39, but she was selected for the filming of the pilot episode.

    Moore is emerging as one of the most popular personalities in the league and has been involved in various television interviews. Furthermore, during the filming of the pilot, she blocked a shot on her bare stomach.

    Her 11-year-old son Dylan plays ice hockey, and her son’s involvement got this hockey mom interested in playing as well.

    She describes herself as a "Hot Hockey Mom" (via

    Moore was a former Phoenix Coyotes ice girl who was the victim of a hazing prank. She was left on the ice by the other ice girls as the match started. Said prank resulted in Moore losing her position.

    As a nail technician from Scottsdale, Arizona, the photogenic Moore has appeared on local television in Arizona doing beauty segments and is very comfortable in front of the camera.

    Of note, she is also involved with charitable causes, such as Tanners Kids. The cause helps provide young children interested in hockey with free equipment rentals and trainers at no cost.

Prospect: Erin Honto, Detroit

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    Raised in Detroit, Erin Honto is a 28-year-old and was part of the pilot episode.

    The self-proclaimed bad girl of the BHL, Honto has a very impressive hockey resume. She played AAA Girls Hockey for some of the most prestigious programs in Michigan; Detroit Belle Tire, Little Caesars, and Honeybaked.

    Honto was also invited to the USA Hockey Festival in Lake Placid, New York, an evaluation camp for women’s hockey players. Honto and Jules Mernagh even engaged in a scrap during the pilot.

Prospect: Sabina Scott, Strathroy, Ontario

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    One of the Canadian prospects involved in BHL is Sabina Scott.

    A fitness model from Canada, she once played girls hockey in high school, and played organized boys hockey as a preteen.

    Scott grew up in Strathroy, Ontario, the same hometown as NHLer Andy MacDonald.

    Currently, Scott participates in fitness competitions, while working part-time as a waitress. She is poised to be one of the stars of the nascent BHL.

Prospect: Kelly Laing, Windsor, Ontario

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    Another Canadian involved in the ambitious league is Kelly Laing.

    With a background in ice hockey as a teenager, Laing changed sports when she arrived at the University of Windsor.

    As a member of the Windsor Lancers, Laing competed in track and field and cross-country. A blogger at, Laing is studying English and Biology while aiming for a career in education or fashion.

Prospect: Ashley VanBoxmeer

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    Ashley Van Boxmeer, 27, is a BHL prospect whose father once played in the NHL.

    She played collegiate softball at Cal-State Fullerton and is a competitive fitness model. Her father, John Van Boxmeer, won a Stanley Cup with the Montreal Canadiens and also played for the Buffalo Sabres.

Prospect: Genna Baker, Owen Sound, Ontario

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    Genna Baker is another Canadian prospect that has a blogging background.

    Hailing from Owen Sound, Ontario, she writes about the NHL for WheelsHockey and SportsRantz. Currently studying in university, this Toronto Maple Leafs fan has a background as a former figure skater and rugby player.

Prospect: Molly Higgins, Florida

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    Molly Higgins is a certified firefighter and EMT that grew up in Florida.

    Last season, Higgins was a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets ice girls. She participated in ice hockey for 14 years.

Prospect: Jessica Frump, California

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    Another lady from the pilot episode with a strong hockey background is Jessica Frump.

    Also a former participant of the USA Hockey Festival, the raven-haired beauty participated in the inaugural NCAA Division I season of the Syracuse Orange (which was in 2009-10).

    In 21 games played, Frump scored three goals and registered five assists for eight points. The following season, Frump competed for the NCAA Division III Manhattanville Valiants. She would only skate in two games for the Valiants, registering one goal.

Prospect: Saundrine Lanouette, Maine

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    Saundrine Lanouette was born and raised in Maine, with a background as a goaltender in competitive hockey.

    Playing with the Cheverus Girls Hockey Team in 2009-10, she was the team’s Most Valuable Player and an All-West Region First Team All-Star.

    Lanouette competed with the Ohio State Buckeyes during the 2010-11 season.

    As a Columbus Blue Jackets ice girl, Lanouette is a local sporting celebrity and has aspirations of becoming a sports broadcaster.

Prospect: Jessica Kay Marshall, Wisconsin

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    Jessica Kay Marshall has a background as a nutrition and wellness coach.

    The proprietor of a nutrition club in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this Packers fan was part of the pilot episode as well.

    All quotes and information obtained firsthand unless otherwise noted.