Football Manager 2013: Best Features in This Year's Popular Simulation Game

Ben ChodosCorrespondent IIOctober 29, 2012

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Every footie fan dreams of managing their favorite team, and for years, the Football Manager series has given us the chance to play out our fantasies.

While popular console games such as FIFA focus on playing out matches, this series focuses on the intricacies of building and managing a club. From making wise transactions to keeping player morale up, this franchise provides a challenging and addicting experience.

Formations, contracts and dealing with the press all come into play as well, and this year’s version certainly will not disappoint.

Here are some of the best features to look forward to in Football Manager 2013, which will be released on November 2.



While the user experience is based upon making managerial decisions, the game also offers a vastly improved simulation.

Users will be able to watch their team play out matches with more enjoyment than in previous years due to excellent graphics. As Chris Schilling of writes, “The 3D match engine is more believable than ever. Look at the pitch, and you’ll see a wealth of improvements.”

Getting to see your hard work pay off on the simulated pitch will be a thrilling and surprisingly realistic experience. 

The new version of FM will certainly please users with these fantastic visual improvements.


Simplified Gameplay 

One of the exciting new features is the addition of Classic mode, which offers a simplified experience for users who do not want to drudge through the often overwhelming amount of tasks previous versions of the game have required. 

The mode is “inviting for newcomers,” according to’s John Roberston. For those scared away by overly complicated features in the past, this is the year to finally try the Football Manager series.

With the extraordinary amount of tasks actual managers have to deal with, FM has struggled in the past to strike a balance between providing a realistic, but still enjoyable experience for many users.

This year’s version has adjustable options that will allow any football fan to deal with the tasks they are intrigued by and avoid the menial ones they have no interest in.


Challenge Mode

While Classic mode offers a streamlined experience ideal for less-experienced players, Challenge mode offers an intriguing option for Football Manager veterans.

The mode, “drops you into a variety of different scenarios and challenges you to make a success of them,” according to’s Luke Moore.

For those who have devoted a significant portion of their free time to past versions of Football Manager and believe that there is nothing surprising or new that the franchise can offer, Challenge mode may prove you wrong.

With a different and new option for even the most seasoned Football Manager users, this version of the popular game truly does have a way for everyone to enjoy playing.