Bald Prophet Bracket Projection Update: Baylor and USC Upset the Apple Cart?

Marc DaleyAnalyst IMarch 14, 2009

Things were starting to settle a bit yesterday afternoon as some of the 10 and 11 seeds could breathe as the higher seeds took control in their conference tournaments. However, Kentucky needs a miracle after LSU took them out and is likely to see their streak of 17 straight tournament appearances come to an end.

Then came the night games.

Syracuse survived another overtime to beat West Virginia and advance to the Big East finals. But Baylor and USC also reached their finals, which could result in the death of two at-large dreams if they win today. Michigan and Cal have precarious holds on their at-large bids, so wins by their brethren could see them on the outside looking in.

Meanwhile, the Atlantic 10 final has Temple squaring off against Duquesne. Give yourself major hoops-geek points if you picked that scenario. With Xavier and Dayton likely receiving bids the A-10 gets three teams in.

The SEC is looking like a two-bid league with LSU and Tennessee being the only teams to dance. Auburn has to beat the Vols at the very least to be considered as the third team and Mississippi State has to win the whole shooting match.

The last four in at the moment: St. Mary's, Maryland (thanks to a win over Wake Forest), Cal, and Michigan.

The last four out are: Auburn, Penn State, Florida, and South Carolina.

After today, things should be set in stone. Only three bids get clinched tomorrow (ACC, SEC, and Big Ten).


Bracket Projection (teams who have clinched are in bold)

1 Pitt v 16 Radford

2 Duke v 15 Morgan State

3 Kansas v 14 Portland State

4 Florida State v 13 Cleveland State

5 UCLA v 12 VCU

6 Tennessee v 11 Creighton

7 BYU v 10 Wisconsin

8 Ohio State v 9 Texas A&M


South Region

1 UNC v 16 Morehead State

2 Oklahoma v 15 East Tennessee State

3 Villanova v 14 Buffalo

4 Xavier v 13 Northern Iowa

5 West Virginia v 12 St. Mary’s

6 Purdue v 11 Temple

7 Arizona State v 10 Boston College

8 Butler v 9 Texas


Midwest Region

1 Louisville v 16 Play-In (Chattanooga v Alabama St.)

2 Michigan State v 15 Cornell

3 Wake Forest v 14 Binghamton

4 Missouri v 13 American

5 Gonzaga v 12 Maryland

6 Utah v 11 California

7 Marquette v 10 Utah State

8 LSU v 9 Minnesota


West Region

1 Memphis v 16 CS-Northridge

2 UConn v 15 Robert Morris

3 Washington v 14 North Dakota State

4 Syracuse v 13 Stephen F. Austin

5 Illinois v 12 Western Kentucky

6 Oklahoma State v 11 Michigan

7 Clemson v 10 San Diego State

8 Dayton v 9 Siena