NFL: Top 10 Greatest Wide Receivers of All Time

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IMarch 20, 2008

These are, in my opinion, the 10 greatest wide receivers of all time. Let me know what you think.


1. Jerry Rice

Receptions: 1,549

Receiving Yards: 22,895

Receiving TD: 197

Rushing Yards: 645

Rushing TD: 10


I dare someone to argue with this pick. Jerry Rice is so much better than any other wide receiver to ever play the game, it isn’t even funny.

Even his statistics look like a joke. They’re simply unreal.

The fact is, Jerry Rice just may be the greatest football player of all time.


2. Don Hutson

Receptions: 488

Receiving Yards: 7,991

Receiving TD: 99

Rushing Yards: 284

Rushing TD: 3


Yes, I know his statistics aren’t great. But you know what? I don’t care.

Don Hutson was the first great receiver in the history of football, and he is largely responsible for the modernization of the forward pass.

Back when he played, Hutson would often receive more than whole teams combined. For this reason, Hutson easily earns my No. 2 spot.


3. Marvin Harrison

Receptions: 1,042 

Receiving Yards: 13,944

Receiving TD: 123


I know many of you dislike when I place still active players on my lists, but I don’t care. Harrison deserves to be here.

With his fantastic numbers, lights-out play, and unselfish attitude (which is a rarity for receivers), Harrison is simply one of the greatest receivers ever.


4. Randy Moss

Receptions: 774

Receiving Yards: 12,193

Receiving TD: 124

Passing TD: 2

Rushing Yards: 129

Rushing TD: 2


Yet another controversial pick. However, if you look at his numbers, you’ll see that few receivers in the history of the game have been more prolific than Moss.

In addition, Moss is currently the record holder for the most touchdown receptions by a receiver ever in one season. Moss definitely deserves to be on this list.


5. Cris Carter

Receptions: 1,101

Receiving Yards: 13,899

Receiving TD: 130


Just look at the numbers. Enough said. 


6. Paul Warfield

Receptions: 427

Receiving Yards: 8,565

Receiving TD: 85


Another receiver who lacks impressive numbers, yet was a dominant force before the forward pass became a major factor in football.

Putting things in context, Warfield was one of the greatest receivers of his era.


7. Tim Brown

Receptions: 1,094

Receiving Yards: 14,934

Receiving TD: 100


Tim was one of the most solid and consistent receivers ever in the history of the game. 


8. Isaac Bruce

Receptions: 942

Receiving Yards: 14,109

Receiving TD: 84


Bruce is simply a model of consistency. While he may not be the flashiest of receivers, every year he continues to accumulate solid numbers.


9. Terrell Owens

Receptions: 882

Receiving Yards: 13,070

Receiving TD: 129


Yes, I know. I hate him too. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of the greatest receivers of all time.

If you have a problem with the pick, just look at his numbers. Then remind yourself that Owens still has years of football left.


10. Steve Largent

Receptions: 819

Receiving Yards: 13,089

Receiving TD: 100


The last spot on my list was a tough one, as there were plenty of players who warranted consideration.

However, after putting much thought and research into the matter, I decided that Monk deserved the nod.


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