Daniel Bryan: Is He the Most Entertaining Superstar in WWE?

Travis TaylorFeatured ColumnistOctober 30, 2012

Photo by WWE.com
Photo by WWE.com

Never say that size matters in WWE. Despite his smaller stature (he’s only 5’10”), Daniel Bryan has quickly risen above the ranks and raised the question: Is he the most entertaining Superstar in WWE?

Daniel Bryan has done that rare thing in professional wrestling: He has taken a heel turn and a very despised persona and run with it. In the process, he has turned it around to become one of the most popular wrestlers currently on the roster.

He has done what so many other superstars are afraid to do, and that is to mock themselves. His onscreen persona is a character—a larger-than-life character whom Bryan is fully aware of.

He’s in on the joke, too. And that makes it even more fun.

Bryan has embraced everything the fans have thrown at him, including the jokes about his “goat face.” He has gone so far as to have grown out his beard into a scraggly mess. He has embraced his veganism, mocking himself in the process as “the world’s toughest vegan.”

His teaming with Kane after their hilarious anger management skits has not only resulted in tag team gold but comedic gold as well. The two play off each other so well. It’s almost like watching two bickering siblings. His character seems to have no bounds.

And he has taken that character off the deep end, to the delight of the fans.           

But Bryan’s entertainment factor goes beyond just his character, as he has always been a dominant, and entertaining force inside the ring.

In his early days on the independent circuit, he was known as the “American Dragon,” a vicious wrestler who was always serious. Competing under his real name, Bryan Danielson, fans were quickly enamored of him. It was the same in Ring of Honor and Japan.

It is the rare Superstar who can entertain fans so thoroughly with their storytelling skills inside the ring. That’s why there are so few Iron Man matches and why most bouts barely last through a commercial break.

But Daniel Bryan can. In 2004 at the Ring of Honor pay-per-view Testing the Limit, he and Austin Aires wrestled in a best of three falls bout that lasted for 80 minutes.

The ability to captivate and hold the attention of the fans for such a lengthy match, something unheard of in the WWE, speaks volumes about what Bryan can do in the ring.

WWE.com even ranked him as one the greatest technical wrestlers of all time.  

Take all of this mockery of himself, wrap it up in the fact that the man is one heck of a wrestler and you get your answer: Daniel Bryan is the most entertaining Superstar in WWE.