Could These Overtime Wins Cost Syracuse Orange Basketball Something Bigger?

Chuck Fiello Jr.Correspondent IMarch 14, 2009

As I sit here typing this mentally and even somewhat physically drained, I am left in awe that Syracuse has basically played three games in two days. It's so great to turn on ESPN and check out sports news websites and see the joy of the Orange being spread across the nation.

But with all this attention, I can't help but wonder if it's not just fatigue we should be worried about with this Syracuse Orange basketball team but why it may be the catalyst for Jonny Flynn to go pro and cost this team more in the long term.

When you see mainstream national media like Jay Marrioti and Lisa Olson focusing on this team and ESPN Sportscenter continuously referring to Flynn as possibly the greatest point guard in the nation, you have to think others are watching this as well.

When the announcers constantly remark about his endurance and minutes played in an MVP-like effort, I get scared because I know this is either catching someone's attention or enforcing some NBA GM's instincts that maybe Flynn is worth a lottery pick.

Don't get me wrong, I wish the man nothing but whatever makes him happy and the best of luck. I just can't help at times but be somewhat selfish that next year, the Orange could be without him when they had the potential for Flynn to mentor incoming freshman Brandon Triche as well as enjoy his hard work in an Orange jersey.

Now I am obviously not an NBA executive nor am I Mel Kiper Jr. who can break down teams and their needs and evaluate where they may be drafted. I am, however, smart enough to know NBA scouts have to love a team leader who can play major minutes in consecutive days and be this damn good.

Watch Sportscenter or the Big East Tournament coverage and see for yourself how much they seem to be pointing out his effort on his way to what should be a tournament MVP.

To add to this speculation, I take you back to an interview with Kevin Maher of WTVH 5 where he was discussing how he had people who would be disappointed if he left the Orange to go pro but also have some disappointed if he stayed. Let's face it, the payday is enough even with taxes and an agent's cut, he could be set for life with some good investments as well as be able to do things for his family many of us wish we could.

Maybe I am just paranoid and living off fumes from all the nonstop action as of late but I can't help but wonder if this does increase his value and in turn, make it more feasible to leave now for the big payday.

I love the Orange and Flynn's performance over this season has been comparable to many great point guards. The Orange are blessed to have him. His name deserves to be mentioned with that of McNamara, Washington, and Douglas and he still has two more years of eligibility left.

Is it best to leave now while the fire is hot or should he stick around for four years to establish a better resume of work over a longer time frame? My heart says I want Flynn to stay so I can hold my head up high and wear my Orange proudly in ACC country.

However, my brain is speculating as the Big East tournament finale begins tonight and the NCAA's start next week with Syracuse's seed possibly getting better thanks to Flynn, just what will the future hold for him.