Louisville: Still a Questionable No. 1 seed?

dale goffContributor IMarch 14, 2009

After a slow first half, the Louisville Cardinals, again, showed the NCAA world their goods.

They completely dismantled Villanova!

The Cardinals out shot, out defended, out hustled, out stole and most importantly, outplayed another top 15 team on their way to the Championship Game in the Big "Beast" Tournament.

Still the announcers from ESPN, instead of acknowledging their accomplishments, only talk of their opponent’s inability to play against the Cards, as though they did nothing to cause their opponents poor play.

I have never seen such s biased and totally opinionated basketball analyst.

What a joke!

Then when they have to talk about the Cards, they give Memphis the acknowledgement of a higher ranking when Memphis was a throwaway C-USA team

The Big East didn’t want and has lost to Syracuse, Georgetown and Xavier.

The Cards beat two of those three in conference play, but Memphis still gets a higher ranking on both polls?

What the heck?

Someone please tell me again that the NCAA Tournament is fair and unbiased, and has nothing to do with money and corruption.

My pick is this: if Louisville beats Syracuse they should undoubtedly be the No. 1 overall pick, because they are the only one left that didn’t get beat in their own conference

They were the regular season champions of their conference that, until just recently, was arguably, the best conference in the country.