TNA Impact Wrestling 11/1: Luke Gallows Unmasked, Turning Point Hype and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer INovember 2, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling opened with Joseph Park calling out the Aces and 8s. He got a little more than he bargained for, though, when four of them came out. He would soon be saved by Kurt Angle and Sting, who promised that one would be unmasked before the show is over.

I wasn’t expecting Joe Park of all people to be opening the show as I figured Angle would be doing so. I think the Park character is getting old, but with his desire to want to fight now, I’m hoping that it’ll lead to the return of Abyss. The Monster has been gone for far too long and seeing him return to help TNA in the fight against the Aces and 8s would be great to see.

As for someone getting unmasked, it’s about time they start revealing who some of these guys are!

Backstage, Magnus doesn’t care about the Aces and 8s as there’s a bigger phony in TNA Wrestling right now. With his feud with Samoa Joe, I assume he’s talking about the television champion. What makes him phony, though? That explanation should be an interesting one.

Remaining backstage, Jesse is complaining of an ear infection. I’ve watched a few of his matches from OVW and this guy isn’t that bad in the ring. He does need work, but he’s not the muscle head I thought he’d be. I’m not a fan of his current storyline, but hopefully his in-ring work will soon do all of his talking for him.


Samoa Joe vs. Magnus: Television Championship

After calling Samoa Joe the Howard Stern of wrestling due to not having the look of a champion, Magnus hit Joe with a wrench to get disqualified.


I enjoyed Magnus’ promo before the match. His mic work was strong as he delivered a good heel promo. The British superstar has really come into his own over the past year in terms of his mic work and in-ring skills. I think that he’ll be a big star in TNA next year and the Television Championship will be his stepping stone to that.

The match itself was going pretty well with some nice action, but the DQ finish ended it abruptly. I liked the finish, though, as it’s a classic heel tactic. If built up right, Magnus could be one of TNA’s top heels and I hope they see that as well.

I’m glad to see the Television Championship actually get defended every week now. I remember when AJ Styles won the belt in July 2010 and declared that he would do that; it never really happened. I hope TNA keeps it up and treats the title like a real mid-card belt.

Backstage, Kurt Angle walks into Hulk Hogan and Sting’s office with Garret Bischoff and Wes Brisco. He wanted Devon right then and there, but he got him at Turning Point instead.

The more I think about who’s a member of the Aces and 8s, the more I think Garret Bischoff is a member. Thinking back as recent as a few months ago, Bischoff was being mentored by Devon. With his mentor as the Sgt. at Arms, it’s not too farfetched to think that Bischoff might join. I’m probably wrong, but it’s just a thought.

Samoa Joe was being treated by doctors backstage as he declared to Magnus that “Joe’s gonna kill you!” He wants to throw the rulebook out the window and I’m perfectly fine with that.

They had a very good match at Bound for Glory, which itself was a great pay-per-view, and if it went longer, their match earlier could have been just as good. If you add a no-disqualification stipulation to their feud, and these two already very physical competitors are going to thrive in that element.


Assuming the match takes place at Turning Point, I can’t wait to see it!

Jeff Hardy then appeared in a mirror painting his face and declared that Austin Aries’ overconfidence was going to kill him. The talk of death two segments in a row is a little weird.

Either way, this was an interesting little segment. It advanced the Hardy/Aries feud a bit, but it just seemed random overall.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian then made their way to the ring to call Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez posers. They then challenged Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina to a match, but before anything can happen, TNA cut to commercial. That break seemed kind of abrupt to me.

Daniels and Kazarian delivered another solid promo, though. I absolutely love these guys as a team. Not only do they work great in the ring, but their mic work is great as well. They have the ability to work off of one another and it creates very entertaining segments.

When the show returned, the Spanish announce team was in the ring and a fight soon broke out. By fight I actually mean the younger Daniels and Kazarian beat on the older Guerrero. The tag champs soon showed up and the former World Tag Team Champions of the World taunted them as they backed up the ramp.

The heels' actions here were good, especially when they taunted the faces on their back up the ramp. Daniels and Kazarian are just so entertaining. I’m a big fan of Hernandez and I enjoy Chavo’s work in the ring, but I really hope Daniels and Kaz get the titles back at Turning Point.


Backstage, ODB wants her fried chicken from Eric Young. Didn’t he already give her some fried chicken? I guess she wants some more.

The Knockouts Tag Team Championship are nothing but an accessory at this point. TNA should either take the titles off of them, and starting from scratch couldn’t hurt, or just scrap them. Despite having nine women on the roster that wrestle, the Knockouts division just seems to be two or three at a time. Maybe scrapping them is the best course of action after all.


Christian York vs. Zema Ion: Gut Check

After Christian York dominated most of the match, Zema Ion got the win with his Submission Impossible. The match itself was decent with the highlight being York. He showed a lot of intensity during the match, which I think is a good thing.

I haven’t seen him wrestle in a while, but he looked great. I was hoping to see York be the first Gut Check contestant to actually win the tryout match and it seem like he was going to do so until Ion’s victory just happened.

The former X-Division champion looked good in selling for York, and the moves he did pull off were impressive. I really like his submission finisher. It’s a nice twist on the cross armbreaker.

I’m hoping to see York get a contract with TNA out of this. With his 16 years of experience, maybe he’ll actually start on the main roster and not get sent to OVW for further training.


Backstage, Austin Aries declared that he was still the champion before walking into the locker room of Robbie E and Robbie T. I’ve always preferred Aries as a heel. While his in-ring work and promos are solid either way, I just think he works best as a bad guy.

Is a possible alliance with the Robbies on the horizon? I highly doubt it. With Aries mentioning “five points,” I suspect Robbie E to be calling out Hardy later.

The cameraman then teleported to a new spot as Garret Bischoff told Bully Ray that he had his back. A brawl between them, Sting, Kurt Angle and Brisco then broke out with the Aces and 8s.

What intrigued me most about the brawl was that Devon led Bully Ray away from the fight. I was wondering if it would led to the Bully running into an ambush or more showing up to beat down Sting and the rest.

Unfortunately, nothing came of it whatsoever. The Aces and 8s soon ran away and Bully Ray appeared later on unharmed. So that was a little disappointing.


ODB vs. Jesse

After getting verbally bashed and physically dominated by ODB, Jesse picked up the win with the dreaded Rollup of Doom. Other than this most likely leading to the Knockouts Championship match at Turning Point, this match was kind of a waste of time. If Eric Young had returned to help out ODB, then maybe this would have been a little bit more than that.

Sure, it was humorous to see this big, muscular guy get beat up by a woman, but I would have very much preferred to see ODB call out another Knockout, especially one that doesn’t get much television time.


With the PPV being next Sunday already, I suspect Young to return next week for a mixed tag team match before the official announcement of the title match itself. The Knockouts tag champions will probably win, which will lead to the singles title match between ODB and Tara. This was overall good build for the ODB/Tara feud.


Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie E

After Robbie E bragged about beating Jeff Hardy in the Bound for Glory Series, Hardy defeated the former X-Division and television champion. This match seemed decent, but part of it took place during a commercial.

Hardy dominated before the break and then Robbie was in control afterwards. All of Robbie’s offense was during the commercial break! If his offense was televised, I think the match would have come across better.

Despite a gimmick that is just getting old, Robbie is a solid in-ring performer. He’s had some very good matches in the past, but his gimmick sometimes restricts him. I see him as the Santino Marella of TNA: a good wrestler, but a cruddy gimmick that gets in the way of it.

Post-match, Austin Aries came out and said that he was the greatest wrestler in the universe. Watch out, CM Punk, you may be the best in the world, but Aries has got the whole universe.

He will reclaim the title, but got a little mad when Hardy suggested a ladder match. Later in the night, the ladder stipulation would be made official.

Aries delivered a solid promo, as usual, so there’s not much to say about it. The addition of the ladder stipulation to their match at Turning Point is a nice touch. Hardy is at his best when a ladder is involved and Aries can adapt to any match type. This match could be very good.

Footage was then shown of the Hulk Hogan Beach Shop grand opening where Matt Morgan stole Hogan’s Shea Stadium cape. I love that Morgan is back with TNA, but what is he going to get out of a feud with Hogan?

The Hulkster can’t wrestle anymore, and if he does get into the ring, a match with a bigger and stronger Morgan would be a train wreck. I really hope this is all leading to something big for the Blueprint.

Backstage, James Storm approached Hogan and wanted his title shot. Hogan told him he had an idea and they walked off.

Storm has worked very hard this year. He’s advanced more in the ring and on the mic than anyone else in TNA this year. The only exception may be Bully Ray, but Storm has just had a great year. He’s earned his spot in the main event and deserves a better run with the title.

Bobby Roode then made his way to the ring to complain about getting screwed out of a title shot since Aries is no longer champion. AJ Styles then made his way out to say he deserved a title shot as well, but that talking would get them nowhere. He challenged Roode, but the match never happened, which is too bad.

Instead, Hogan came out with Storm and made a triple threat match for Turning Point for the No. 1 contendership for the World title. The guy that gets pinned, though, would not be allowed a title shot until Bound for Glory 2013.

I thought this was a good segment here. Roode was solid on the mic and delivered a good promo while Styles did the same. I’m not usually too into Styles’ promos, but this was one was really good. I agree that both of them deserve title shots, though Styles more than Roode.

The storyline he had to go throughout the entire year was ridiculous and I feel that he should be rewarded by being given his main-event spot back.

I am intrigued by this triple threat match, especially since the one that takes the fall won’t be allowed a title shot for a year. When it comes time to predict the winner, it’s going to be a tough one. All three deserve their main-event spot, so the storyline creates quite the interesting situation.

Oh, and Styles’ little jab at WWE was hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing for a good few minutes as he spoke of his troubles of being photographed going into an elevator with someone of the opposite sex and how it seemed like the name AJ is unlucky in that situation.

Kurt Angle accused WWE of taking the idea from TNA, and to be honest, the horrid Claire Lynch storyline is the first thing that came to my mind the second Vickie Guerrero said she had proof of the AJ Lee/John Cena affair.

Whether WWE borrowed the idea or not is certainly something of debate, but the two storylines are quite similar. I just hope WWE’s doesn’t drag out like TNA’s did.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan then made their way out. Morgan declared that he’d eat the competition on his way to the World title while Ryan challenged Rob Van Dam. He wanted to make the X-Title X-rated.

I thought Morgan was solid on the mic and is developing nicely as a heel. Wearing Hogan’s Shea Stadium cape is a nice touch, but like I said earlier, I really hope this feud with Hogan leads to something big for him.

As for Ryan, his mic work was good as well. The highlight of the short segment was Morgan, though.


Rob Van Dam vs. Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan picked up the win with a cradle despite Rob Van Dam dominating the entire match. This was the final actual match of the night and ended a night of disappointing wrestling. I expect better from TNA.

What this match did do, though, was build up a feud over the X-Division Championship. That’s something the division hasn’t seen since Aries was champion and it’s about time TNA is doing it!

The X-Division is something that helped get them noticed in the first place, so it’s good to see it finally getting a spotlight that’s not just the road to Destination X. With the right build, this feud could really revitalize the division, but to get it back to its former glory is going to take a lot more time.

I think Ryan will be the champion, but not quite yet. I do feel that he’ll have the title by the end of the year, though.

Backstage, the Aces and 8s are pounding their fists into their hands while Devon is flexing. I think the Bully Ray vs. Devon match graphic would have sufficed here.


Bully Ray vs. Devon

The match itself doesn’t really happen. Bully Ray brought a table into the ring and that brought out eight other Aces and 8s members. That brought in Sting, Styles, Angle, the tag champions and eventually Joseph Park to the ring for a brawl.

I was really looking forward to this match, but the brawl served an overall purpose. As Park was defending himself against a member, he grabbed the mask and pulled it off to reveal Luke Gallows. Gallows then chokeslammed Park through the table.

So another member has been revealed and I’m glad it’s Gallows. He didn’t really get a fair shake in WWE, so I hope to see him get one in TNA if he sticks around after the storyline is finished.

I’m interested to see how this all develops now that another member has been unmasked. I do like that TNA is doing it one at a time as it’s a different surprise each time.

Overall, I liked this episode of TNA Impact Wrestling, but it’s mainly due to the building and hype for the storylines.

The matches were very disappointing to say the least. There was more time given to backstage and in-ring segments than matches this week, but it was those segments that helped me in liking this episode.

It was the wrestlers backstage and in the ring that helped build up storylines for Turning Point. At this moment, there are five matches set for the show, which is more than WWE usually has 10 days before a PPV. Everything is being hyped nicely and the PPV next Sunday is looking strong right now as a result.

I hope things pick back up next week, though, in terms of match quality.

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to hit me up on Twitter where I always follow back wrestling fans and usually tweet during the shows!


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