Chiefs vs. Chargers: 31-13 Loss Should Spark Big Changes in Kansas City

Christopher HansenNFL AnalystNovember 2, 2012

Nov 1, 2012; San Diego CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel reacts during the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

It’s probably time for the fans in Kansas City to break out the paper bags…and don’t bother cutting any eye holes because the Chiefs are an unwatchable football team. The Chiefs haven’t led for a single second in any of their eight games this season. Not one second of one game. Nada.

The Chiefs are totally inept, completely ineffective and now historically bad. The head coach doesn’t know what’s going on, so he’s powerless to turn things around. The quarterback has more turnovers than 30 NFL teams and somehow the Chiefs don’t have any better options.

You can thank the general manager Scott Pioli for the atrocity that is the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs. If Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt has any sense, Pioli won’t be the general manager by Friday afternoon.

Pioli created paranoia inside team headquarters by concerning himself with things as inconsequential as a candy wrapper. You don’t get to be a stickler for details when you hire a man with a head coaching record of 24-40 who is clueless to why his team isn’t performing. The team is a joke and an embarrassment to their city. If changes aren’t made the ownership will be a joke too.

Sure, the Chiefs hung in there for three quarters on defense, but the offense couldn’t muster even one touchdown. Once the Chiefs were down two scores, the outcome was predictable, the Chiefs turned the ball over twice and the Chargers scored 14 points directly from those turnovers. Good night, game over, see you next year.

Matt Cassel fumbled in the end zone and the Chargers recovered for one touchdown; then his pass bounced off Dexter McCluster’s hands and ended up being intercepted and returned for another touchdown by ex-Chiefs linebacker Demorrio Williams.

What’s truly sad about all of this is that the Chiefs have a lot of talent on the football field. It’s all being wasted by a clueless coaching staff and awful quarterback. It’s like the Chiefs have put my grandmother behind the wheel of a muscle car and the engine has no oil. She’ll drive slowly around town for a while, but eventually that engine is going to seize up. The Chiefs will have to be rebuilt and some of the parts could be permanently damaged.

It’s not just one thing that’s the problem with the Chiefs and that’s the most concerning thing of all. Cassel has played about as horribly as a quarterback can play, but his receivers have had plenty of passes bounce off their hands. It’s not Cassel's fault he’s being asked to throw 30 times per game, he’s being put in a really tough spot.

The coaching staff doesn’t seem to know how to utilize the weapons they have. The most glaring example being the usage of starting running back Jamaal Charles who has received between 33 carries and five carries depending on the week. The Chiefs used the Wildcat, which is a wrinkle I suggested earlier in the week, and yet they did it without Charles.

The Chiefs head to Pittsburgh next Monday to face their former head coach Todd Haley, who is the Steelers’ offensive coordinator. In hindsight, Haley did a lot with what he had in 2010 and was made a scapegoat for a lost 2011 season. The real goats are still running the football operations into the ground.

No response from the ownership with a 10-day break before the next game can mean only one thing: the Chiefs are playing for a draft pick and will clean house at the end of the season.