Nate Montana :Notre Dame Walk-On

David PhillipsAnalyst IMarch 15, 2009

Nate Montana (right) will follow his father's path to Notre Dame as a walk-on.
Nate Montana will follow his father's path to Notre Dame as a walk-on.
Montana is listed on Notre Dame's web site as NO. 16 a number that Super Bowl Quarterback Joe Montana wore during his legendary run with the San Francisco 49ers.
N.Montana is one of six QB's listed on the current roster which includes Sophomore Jimmy Clauson, sophomore Brian Castello, Freshman Dayne Crist, Sophomore Nick Lezynski, and Senior Evan Sharpley.
Montana will more than likey red-shirt his freshman season which would give Clauson another playing season, in which Clauson must step his performance up from last season.
Montana has entrusted the football development of his sons to Steve Clarkson, who has tutored the likes of Matt Leinart, Ben Roethlisberger, J.P. Losman and current Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen. Following in that line is Dayne Crist-- a highly-touted incoming freshman who will be ahead of Montana on the depth chart when they arrive in South Bend. While J. Montana advises his sons on the finer points of quarterbacking, he handed his boys off to Clarkson after he and his wife, Jennifer, saw a television story on Clarkson and spoke with Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis about the private quarterback instructor.
Montana had several offers from well know school's including Florida State, Ohio State and Notre Dame, before settling on Notre Dame, i guess it's not hard finding a school to go to when your last name is Montana.