WWE Raw Preview: Team Punk vs. Team Foley, Brad Maddox, the Affair and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer INovember 5, 2012

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It’s Monday again and that means a new episode of WWE Monday Night Raw!

With the 26th edition of Survivor Series heading our way, things are heating up in the WWE. Whether it’s a traditional Survivor Series elimination match, a crooked referee or an affair, WWE is building up the event in a big way.

WWE has gone over five points for this week’s episode of Raw, so let’s see what they have in store for the fans from Birmingham, England!


A Division Reignited: Could a Team Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars Rematch Be on the Horizon?

The tag team division in WWE is something to be excited about once again! After years of the tag team titles, and the teams vying for them, taking a backseat, the division as a whole is taking more and more of the spotlight each week.

With the unlikely team of Kane and Daniel Bryan holding onto the Tag Team Championship, many teams are trying to take the title away from them. One of those teams is Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, better known as Rhodes Scholars.

Rhodes and Sandow have developed into quite the team over the past few months and are becoming a force to be reckoned with. At Hell in a Cell, they challenged Team Hell No for the title and would win the match, but by disqualification. Due to the finish, Kane and Bryan retained the tag team title.

The champions can’t seem to shake the Rhodes Scholars, though, as both teams were announced as members of opposing Survivor Series elimination teams.

Could Rhodes Scholars receive a rematch for the WWE Tag Team Championship before Survivor Series, or will they have to wait until the TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs event next month?


A Crooked Referee: What Will Brad Maddox Have to Say About Hell in a Cell?

At the Hell in a Cell event, CM Punk defended his WWE Championship against the undefeated Ryback inside the hell in a cell. Punk’s 300-plus day reign as champion was certainly in jeopardy as it seemed like Ryback would take him down and win the title.

As he had Punk up for Shell Shocked, referee Brad Maddox dropped to his knees and delivered a low blow to Ryback. Punk was then able to roll up his challenger and retain his title in controversial fashion.

Last week on Raw, Maddox was nowhere to be seen as Punk was adamant that he knew nothing about the referee’s action in advance. This week, the controversial rookie referee returns to explain his action.

What will Brad Maddox have to say? Did CM Punk and Paul Heyman pay him to do what he did? Was he making up for the bad call last month that cost Punk a match? Did someone else put him up to it, or was he simply acting on his own freewill?


A Golden Giant: Can Anyone Stop the Big Show?

At the TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs event last year, the Big Show would win the World Heavyweight Champion. Forty-five seconds later, he would be embarrassed by losing it to then-Money in the Bank winner Daniel Bryan.

Those 45 seconds have plagued the Big Show since, but he has finally put it all behind him. At Hell in a Cell, he challenged Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Champion, and after two K.O. punches, he took the title away from the Celtic Warrior.

While Sheamus would get the World’s Largest Athlete up for White Noise last week on Raw, the Big Show bounced back on SmackDown by giving the final blow in a tag team match that saw him and the Miz defeat Sheamus and Kofi Kingston.

The world champion has rebounded from Raw, but can he stay on top? Will Sheamus be able to knock him down another peg, or can the Big Show keep the Great White at bay?


Photos, Elevators and Affairs: What’s Next for John Cena and AJ Lee?

Two weeks ago, AJ Lee resigned from the position of Raw general manager after being accused of fraternizing with one of her employees. Later on in the night, she would reveal to John Cena that the affair she is being accused of was with him.

Last week, the managing supervisor of Raw Vickie Guerrero brought some evidence to light. She revealed a photo of Cena and AJ having dinner and a video of the two of them getting into an elevator together.

Cena would explain the photo as a business dinner and the video as him just walking her to her hotel room. Both Cena and AJ proclaim that there is nothing going on.

During Guerrero’s reveal of the evidence, Dolph Ziggler made an appearance and got in Cena's face. The little confrontation resulted in the face of the WWE showing his frustration and shoving the Showoff to the ground. This week, the supposed scandal continues.

Does Vickie Guerrero have any more evidence to present to the WWE Universe? Will John Cena and AJ Lee continue to deny the allegations? Will Dolph Ziggler continue to stick his nose in the situation, and will it lead to Ziggler vs. Cena at Survivor Series?


Survivor Series Bound: What’s Next for CM Punk and Mick Foley?

On the final Raw of September, Mick Foley made his return to the WWE to confront CM Punk. He wanted the WWE champion to face John Cena inside hell in a cell, but due to an injury, Cena let Ryback take his place in the match.

Punk would survive inside the cell thanks to the actions of referee Brad Maddox, but a win was a win to the champion.

Last week, Foley returned once more to confront Punk again, this time about his victory over Ryback. After an exchange between them, Punk challenged Foley to a traditional Survivor Series elimination match and the Hardcore Legend accepted.

Later on in the show, both Punk and Foley chose their teams. Paul Heyman would chose the Miz, Rhodes Scholars and Alberto Del Rio for Punk while Foley decided to just be in the corner of his team and chose Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No, Randy Orton and Ryback.

With the teams set, what’s next for the two captains? Will CM Punk and Mick Foley once again go at it on the mic, or will the Hardcore Legend show the WWE champion what hardcore is all about?

With current storylines going quite well leading up to Survivor Series, this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw should be a good one. Will it be? Tune in to find out!