WWE: Could a Superstar Perform Double Duty at Survivor Series 2012?

Jamie WestAnalyst IIINovember 4, 2012

courtesy: wwe.com
courtesy: wwe.com

The traditional five-on-five elimination tag team match has been met with a mixed response from fans of the WWE product.

Some seem to feel that by placing 10 of the biggest stars in the company in one big match, there is little left for the company to build upon in filling the rest of the card, especially considering that the elimination match features four of the main feuds from Hell In A Cell. However, a school of thought remains that the Team Punk vs. Team Foley match is a good idea, given the current circumstances and resources available to Creative.

Nevertheless, almost all observers of the product would concede that there is a depth problem in WWE's roster at the present time, highlighted by what has essentially been the end of the brand-split over the past year or so. Though, many appear to be opposed to the 10 man main event for this particular reason, it is important to remember that WWE was faced with essentially the same problem last year.

Although last year's Survivor Series had just one traditional elimination tag match and five other matches overall, it still garnered solid reviews. While much of that may have been due to the return of The Rock, it serves to remind WWE fans that eight or nine matches are not always necessary for an exciting, worthwhile pay-per-view event. 

Last year's event saw then United States Champion Dolph Ziggler defend his title against John Morrison in the show's opening bout, while also competing in the traditional Survivor Series match. Ziggler was the first to be eliminated from Team Barrett, thus damping the arguments of those who suggested performing double-duty on pay-per-view to be dangerous and unnecessary. 

Given the fact that part time stars such as The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Triple H now seem highly unlikely to appear on the card in two weeks time, perhaps having a wrestler pull double-duty would be plausible idea, given the thinning roster that Creative has to work with. 

Unfortunately, a deep hole has already been dug as all the members of Team Punk are individually embroiled in feuds with respective members of Team Foley. It would likely feel forced to have Kane and Daniel Bryan face Prime Time Players in a separate match for the titles, or have Kofi Kingston defend his title lower down the card, for instance.

Ultimately, while double-duty at this stage seems unlikely, it could well be in the back of the Creative Department's minds, as they try to piece together a solid undercard for Survivor Series.

What do you think? Good idea to have a superstar pull double duty or should WWE simply use the opportunity to build the likes of 3MB and other lower-midcarders?