Is The Big Show the Right Choice as World Heavyweight Champion?

Hector DiazAnalyst INovember 5, 2012


Big Show has never had a defining World Heavyweight Championship reign until now.

It took months for WWE’s resident giant to shed the comedic big-man character, but he is taking his newfound dominance in stride.

The transformation began during John Laurinaitis’ reign as general manager of Raw, when The Big Show mocked Johnny Ace on a regular basis. In order to be taken seriously as an authority figure, Laurinaitis fired the giant. The lasting image of future endeavoring The Big Show proved to be the last time he would be seen as a face.

His return solidified his transition to heel as he interfered in the match between John Laurinaitis and John Cena to help the man who fired him just days before on Raw.

The Big Show took a brief, but noticeable, hiatus from WWE programming. He did participate in dark matches throughout this time. His return then was very lackluster; he really just showed up without any pizazz, which is not customary of WWE to do.

Instead of colorful vignettes building up hype for his return, he simply interrupted a match between Tensai and Brodus Clay, which was not a high-profile match in any sense.

He was immediately placed in the World Heavyweight Championship picture, ultimately ending then-champion Sheamus’ dragged out feud with Alberto Del Rio.

Despite a subpar buildup to the championship match at Hell in a Cell, the bout between The Big Show and Sheamus turned out to be the best of the night. Not only did the match wow fans, it also, arguably, changed the landscape of things to come for the prestigious belt.

By losing to The Big Show, Sheamus separates himself from the idea that he cannot lose cleanly in a match. The Irish-born superstar defined his own championship reign with questionable opponents and questionable matches, all while playing the role of the mischievous face.


And by winning, The Big Show can ultimately put the Heavyweight back in the World Heavyweight Championship. A prolonged feud between Sheamus and The Big Show can solidify that the championship is meant for the heavyweights of the WWE roster.

Superstars like Wade Barrett, who are physically larger than most of the talent, can also find themselves in the championship picture. Former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry should return to WWE programming soon after months of inactivity. Inserting him in the title picture would only strengthen the idea that the belt is for heavyweights and super-heavyweights alike.

This ultimately creates more realistic outcomes for WWE, especially since The Big Show is being billed a dominant giant. Having superstars with similar statures will make The Big Show’s eventual loss believable.

At this point, the championship belt needs to step out of the WWE Championship’s shadow. The World Heavyweight Championship is SmackDown’s featured title, and in turn, is deemed second-rate.

But, if there is any superstar big enough to establish it as its own unique title separate from Raw’s counterpart, it is The Big Show.