Chase Daniel Gone, Who Starts At QB, Blaine Or Blaine?

Michael SippContributor IMarch 15, 2009

Now that Chase Daniel is no longer with us at Missouri, a big question looms, who will be starting at quarterback?

I know, the first thing your mind tells you is Blaine Gabbert, a blue chip recruit from Parkway West, who will be a sophomore in 2009.  But, Blaine Dalton, a three-star quarterback from Blue Springs, MO will give Gabbert a run for his money. You can count on that one.

You're probably still saying that Gabbert had the chance to run coach Gary Pinkel's spread for a year, but now that offensive coordinator Dave Christenson has left the program, a new philosophy and new plays, will come into play.

And let me refresh your memory. If, you have paid attention to Missouri football or college football in general the past five, six, or seven years, you probably have heard of a certain player named Brad Smith. As a freshman, Smith beat out several seniors, that all had at least three years in learning the Missouri's offense.

And when Chase Daniel, a three-star quarterback from Southlake, Texas, was a sophomore, he beat out fellow sophomore Chase Patton, a four-star who was highly recruited and who many scouts said, had the ability to be a pro quarterback.

The Tiger faithful want a Big-12 championship, and then a national championship, but they have to figure out who will be under center (or behind if the spread is still around).

Daniel is gone, Maclin is gone, Coffman is gone, Moore is gone, we have to start working.