CM Punk vs. Ryback vs. John Cena: The Wrong Move for Survivor Series

David LevinSenior Writer IINovember 6, 2012

Leave it to Vince McMahon to try and make things right in the WWE Universe.

In a reversal of fortune (maybe not for CM Punk), the owner of the WWE changed Vickie Guerrero’s decision from last week and placed the current WWE Champion Punk in a title match against Ryback and John Cena at Survivor Series. Now, the man who stepped aside from the match for the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell will again have a chance to add to his trophy case.

I personally do not like the move and think it turns what was a really good thing at Hell in a Cell into a chaotic confrontation at the next pay-per-view.

Will the WWE miss the boat again because Mr. Fruity Pebbles is back in the title picture?

While I loved the idea of Punk and Dolph Ziggler facing Ryback and Cena in a tag-team match on Raw, it still does not mean that Cena needs to be added to the main event of the second to last PPV event of the year.

It also meant two slots were open in the traditional Survivor Series match, one of which was already filled by Dolph Ziggler. The other, I assume, will be filled by Friday. I wrote before Hell in a Cell that John Cena was needed in the title match because it appeared the showdown between Ryback and Punk was, well, lame.

We all saw what happened and were pleasantly surprised. Now, I am writing to state the obvious, which is that Cena has no business in the title match because Ryback and Punk have unfinished business.

All too often, the WWE over-thinks things and well, they play out to be a disaster (Kevin Nash for instance).

Writers have done it again this time.

While we will wait and see what happens during the coming weeks, it could mean a great many things for a great many wrestlers. And if we were waiting to see if Brock Lesnar makes an appearance in Indianapolis, you can all but forget it.

Survivor Series needed more of a kick and it just got one. All three performers will certainly give the fans what they want to see, but it remains to be seen if all three can coexist in a ring in this type of atmosphere. Can Ryback, being so green, handle the two most popular stars in the company? Can Punk and Cena continue their feud without the interruption of Ryback in the ring?

Will the fans buy this as the best the WWE can do for them and make all of us as viewers see if there is real value in this match?

The pot was just stirred a bit more. Let’s all hope this is the right move that will leave us just as speechless as we were just nine days ago.