Philadelphia Eagles: Loss to New Orleans Assures Andy Reid's Dismissal

Steven Slivka@@StevenSlivkaCorrespondent IIINovember 6, 2012

Andy Reid's 14-year tenure in Philadelphia is sure to come to an end soon.
Andy Reid's 14-year tenure in Philadelphia is sure to come to an end soon.Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

If Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid's job wasn't in enough jeopardy before Monday Night Football, it most certainly is inevitable that he will get the boot once the season is over.

The Eagles are riding a four-game losing streak and Reid has taken most of the criticism for Philadelphia's poor play.

When Reid fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo three weeks ago, it was a desperate attempt to save his own skin knowing he would be out the door if the Eagles didn't turn their season around.

Out went Castillo, and with him went the rest of the Eagles' defense.

Philadelphia gave up 392 yards to the Atlanta Falcons in the team's first week with Castillo out of the picture. The Eagles lost the game 30-17, but the score does Philly some serious justice. It was also Reid's first career loss after a bye week.

Michael Vick has also taken plenty of heat for the Eagles' struggles this season. He's thrown eight interceptions through eight games and fumbles the ball just about every time he gets his hands on it.

In his defense, the offensive line has been a joke this year and even let the New Orleans Saints sacked Vick seven times. That's right. The Saints, who have the league's most laughable defense, made Michael Vick look like David Carr.

The Eagles finished with nearly 450 yards of total offense and still only managed 13 points against a team that was giving up over 30 a game.


They ran 23 more plays than the Saints did, but only found the end zone one time on a busted coverage for a wide-open DeSean Jackson touchdown.


This lack of production from the Eagles is something that has plagued the team far worse than anyone could have ever imagined.

Between dropped passes, lazy fumbles and stupid mistakes, the Eagles continue to disappoint week in and week out. What's worse is that this isn't the first time this season their effort has been brought into question.

Here's Reid after Philadelphia's humiliating 27-6 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3: (via

I didn't have my football team ready to play. I have got to get my football team ready to play. I did a terrible job this week.

Nobody has ever question Reid's commitment to the Philadelphia Eagles and their organization. He's been one of the most respected head coaches in the NFL over the last 14 years and is the most successful coach the Eagles have ever had.

But it's easy to see his time in Philly is up.

Never in any prior season has Reid been under this much scrutiny. He used to get heat when his teams failed to win the NFC title game, but now you just feel bad for the guy.

Despite the downfall he and the Eagles have faced over these last two seasons, Reid still remains a great coach in the NFL.

When he eventually leaves the city of brotherly love, there will be a bunch of teams in desperate need of his services. He's too good of a coach to go jobless for too long.

Right now, Reid just can't "get no satisfaction" as Mick Jagger so eloquently put it back in 1965; but he will definitely be able to redeem himself sometime in the near future.