Dolph Ziggler: Why Is His MITB Contract Becoming More Irrelevant Each Week?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IINovember 7, 2012

Was there ever more of a sure thing in the WWE than both John Cena and Dolph Ziggler cashing in their Money in the Bank (MITB) contracts and becoming both the WWE Champion and World Champion in the company?

Now, it would seem the MITB contract that Ziggler has in his possession is nothing more than a tease. While Cena cashed his in and lost to Punk, the man who claims to “steal the show” hasn’t done much lately to prove he is worthy of a World Title shot. And the WWE Universe knows it.

Has Ziggler, who until about two months ago seemed to be the next big thing in the WWE, become more irrelevant than Santino Marella with his United States Title run?  Even Marella, who is nothing more than a mid-card jobber, has been able to touch gold before Ziggler, who I still think can be the best in the business if given the reins to the thoroughbred.

Maybe it has something to do with bad timing, injuries or people leaving the WWE. Ziggler and his feud with Chris Jericho was Savage/Steamboat-esque. His feud with Randy Orton was impressive and his on again, off again tangles with CM Punk in light of everything that is going on in the WWE is pretty good.

But has Ziggler really become a threat to Sheamus at any time, and now that Sheamus is not the World Title holder, what happens to the contract that is losing importance quickly?

Right now, not even a feud with John Cena over A.J. Lee can save the blond bomber from becoming irrelevant.

No, I don’t think the feud with Cena is a final test to see if Ziggler can handle the load as the leader of the WWE. I also don’t think Ric Flair in his corner can help him as much as it looks like he needs a new supporting cast.

If you read that correctly, then you see Vickie Guerrero and the AJ/Cena angle is getting old fast and Ziggler is just a part in the story. I’d much rather he challenge CM Punk or even The Miz, should Miz turn face. I also think a Ziggler “face” turn is in the future should someone like Randy Orton finally make that push toward the evil side.

The point trying to be made here is that the WWE has not taken full advantage of all its resources, Ziggler being one of them. He is as talented as any superstar to come along since Orton and could be the one thing (face or heel) that helps the WWE into the next year. If he does not cash in his contract soon, then the whole premise of the MITB match is wasted and it might as well be scraped from the Pay Per View listings.

Ziggler just holding the contract means nothing if he can never cash it in.