Kansas City Chiefs' Ace in the Hole

Joe JonesCorrespondent IMarch 16, 2009

Ok, enough with the Larry Johnson gossip for now. The Kansas City Chiefs need to make make another hard decision.

Yes, Matt Cassel will be the starting quarterback come opening day, but the Chiefs need to decide who's going to be the backup. If they where smart they would install Tyler Thigpen as their backup.

Let's face it, he lead the Chiefs to their only victories last year, and he knows the players and system. To be honest if it wasn't for Matt Cassel, I think he should be the starter.

Tyler put up some pretty good numbers for the limited time he played. Tyler also showed a lot of promise the more games he played. He's very durable and can run out of the pocket if needed. The Chiefs should focus on the offensive line and the backfield and leave the quarterback situation as it is.

I think that is there least worries for now. I may be wrong, but in my eyes, Scott Pioli and Todd Haley should put their money and attention elsewhere, where it's needed.

In my eyes, Tyler Thigpen is their ace in the hole..