WWE: How Facing CM Punk Has Already Improved Ryback's Standing in the Company

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IINovember 7, 2012

RRRRybaaaaack!!!!! Image courtesy of WWE
RRRRybaaaaack!!!!! Image courtesy of WWE

Well, it's official!

WWE Champion CM Punk will have his hands full, and his greatest challenge to date I might add, when he faces not one but two opponents at Survivor Series this year.

First Ryback and now John Cena, both in the same ring versus the "best in the world"? What is this world coming to?

If you haven't guessed yet, Ryback has made quite the impact since returning to WWE a few months ago, and if you really expected him to win the title at HIAC, you were delusional.

It was never going to happen. 

The point of all that hype and of the match itself was to see how the big man would do in a main event against the top guy in the company.

This, to me, was all confirmed the second I witnessed the champion and his defeated challenger climb up the cage only to have Punk take a "Shellshock" to close the night. 

Every fan in attendance was on his or her feet cheering and chanting "FEED ME MORE!!"

It was a successful operation.

Ryback is "IN."

This is not the Skip Sheffield of Nexus past, no, no. This is a human wrecking machine, a beast, a bigger-than-life mastodon who is on his way to the top. He will have to "eat" everyone in his path if he has to, believe me.

I am not on board yet because I never liked brutes like that to begin with, but I am no fool. Ryback is in a pretty good place right now.

Not convinced yet? Here's a hint: He is facing the WWE Champion in the main event of a major pay-per-view. I do not believe it takes a genius to figure out where this is all going for him.

There is one thing that really works to his advantage right now (and I hope that remains so). He doesn't say a word!

Batista was like that at first and before him, the Ultimate Warrior...although that last one snarled and snorted his way to a great championship victory and reign.

Big guys shouldn't talk too much. They should just beat people up. Hire a Paul Heyman to do the talking. It works for Brock Lesnar, right? Mind you, the killer former UFC champion does well on his own.

Ryan Reeves, a.k.a Ryback, must be a pretty cool team player methinks because he has managed to get to a point that not even Kofi Kingston and the like have ever been.

It's all politics, but there must be a "nice guy" factor in there somewhere. Someone must have acknowledged that this man is a smart and respectful person and decided to go forward with his character.

The size helped, but CM Punk is a master of the art and must have approved all this as well.

Characters like these don't happen every week, and when they do show up, you simply must capitalize on them.

From now until WrestleMania, expect Ryback to be in high-profile feuds. First CM Punk, then John Cena and after that who knows? The Big Show for the World Heavyweight championship?

How else can you see Dolph Ziggler cash in to win it all?

I see good stuff happening in the near future, and the dominance of Ryback is only the beginning.