Linda McMahon Loses to Chris Murphy: What Does This Mean for the WWE?

Tony DolemiteCorrespondent IIINovember 10, 2012

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Linda McMahon has suffered her second defeat within the last two years in her bid for the U.S. Senate seat of Connecticut. This is a big deal for wrestling fans, especially long time WWE fans who have stood by the company despite having to endure a lackluster product for several years. The current product, often referred to as the PG Era, has certainly been influenced by McMahon's political ambitions.

Unfortunately, the desire to present more PG based entertainment has done more harm than good, alienating fans who desperately want change. Will these defeats affect McMahon, causing her to reconsider her role in politics? More importantly, will Vince himself see these setbacks as a catalyst to get back to basics, or will he continue to continue to back Linda's pursuits, giving fans a reason to sigh and shake their heads?

Vince needs to reconsider his stance on the direction the WWE takes from here. Change is necessary in order for growth to happen. It's time to push new stars and take chances that have only been considered but never tried. John Cena has done a job that words can no longer describe; like him or not, he has done more for the company than one man should be asked to do. There should be a dozen more like him on the horizon. I'm not talking in terms of talent, but in terms of performers that are prepared to step up whether there is a need to or or not. One man alone simply cannot carry the world on his shoulders. In other words, ditch the kid friendly crap and get down to the nitty gritty.

No matter how hard Linda tries, she cannot distance herself from professional wrestling. That will always be a part of her legacy. Professional wrestling, no matter what you call it, will always carry a stigma that will be hard to shake. Linda should realize that by now she can never escape wrestling's shadow because it looms large.

As a husband, Vince has done the right thing by standing by his wife in order for her dreams to come true. Who knows what sacrifices Linda has made over the years in order for Vince to have a successful career. On the other hand, as a businessman responsible for a global entertainment company, he has made a number of decisions that have been costly. It's time to rectify these mistakes. Don't get me wrong, the company will continue to be a presence in the world of sports entertainment. The question is, how long can the WWE maintain its dominance in an ever changing world?

Seems to me Vince and Linda has some thinking to do. What do you think?