TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: Sting Teams with Angle, Roode vs. Styles and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer INovember 7, 2012

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It’s Thursday again and that means a new episode of TNA Impact Wrestling!

With Turning Point just three days away, this show will be the final stop before TNA’s annual November pay-per-view. For this week’s episode, TNA has confirmed at least two matches, Christian York’s Gut Check and the continuation of the build to Turning Point.

So let’s see what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans this week!


Gut Check: Will Christian York Receive a TNA Contract?

Last week's episode of Impact Wrestling feature the monthly Open Fight Night, which meant the return of Gut Check as well. The contestant this time around was 16-year veteran Christian York.

Having wrestled for ECW, WWE and for TNA Wrestling on their very first show, York was no stranger to the big time. He faced former X-Division champion Zema Ion and gave him quite the fight.

York got so close to becoming the first Gut Check contestant to win the tryout match, but in the end Zema reigned supreme. This week, fans find out whether or not York will receive a contract with TNA Wrestling.

Did Christian York impress judges Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Pritchard? Will he get a contract? If so, could he be the first Gut Check winner to skip over developmental and make it to the main roster?



The Charismatic Enigma vs. the Greatest Man That Ever Lived: What’s Next for Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries?

At No Surrender in September, Jeff Hardy defeated Bully Ray to win the Bound for Glory Series. He then went onto Bound for Glory last month to end Austin Aries’ 98-day reign as TNA world heavyweight champion.

Hardy would debut his own custom belt days later while the world title itself would be stolen by Aries. The former champion would take the title for safekeeping as he guaranteed victory after invoking his rematch for Turning Point. Aries was ready to prove to the world that he could defeat Hardy, but A Double would be thrown a curveball.

Last week, the Charismatic Enigma would challenge the Greatest Man That Ever Lived to throw out their simple one-on-one match and change it to a ladder match. Despite Aries' denying the challenge, the match would be made.

What will Austin Aries have to say about the new match stipulation? How will he prepare for a ladder match against someone who thrives in that kind of contest?


AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

AJ Styles and Bobby Roode have a long history. They have both been with TNA Wrestling since the beginning and have had many battles throughout the years while also acting as allies, like their time as members of Fortune last year.

Last week on Impact Wrestling, they met face to face in the ring and talked of who deserved a title shot more. Despite Styles calling Roode out for a match, only a few punches were thrown before general manager Hulk Hogan came out with James Storm.

The Hulkster would make a Triple Threat No. 1 Contender’s match for the PPV between the three and booked the match fans hoped to see last week for this week’s episode.

What will happen when AJ Styles and Bobby Roode go one-on-one? Who will gain the momentum going into Turning Point? Will James Storm get involved?


Sting and Kurt Angle vs. the Aces and 8s

The Aces and 8s have been terrorizing TNA Wrestling for months. Having attacked the likes of Sting, Hulk Hogan, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and countless others, the group of masked men was unstoppable.

Despite winning full access to TNA events, the company finally began to put some notches in their win column.

At Bound for Glory, former TNA tag team and television champion Devon was unmasked as the group’s Sgt. at Arms and is now on a collision course with Kurt Angle at Turning Point. Last week, TNA gained another victory when Joseph Park managed to unmask another member.

Former WWE superstar Luke Gallows was revealed as one of the Aces and 8s biggest members, but will the reveal hurt the group or just make them stronger much like Devon’s unmasking did? Hogan looks to keep the ball rolling for TNA as he has booked the Aces and 8s into a tag team match against two former world champions in Sting and Kurt Angle.

What will happen when the Icon and the Olympic gold medalist collide with the Aces and 8s? Who will come out victorious?

With this being the final episode of Impact Wrestling before Turning Point, expect the Tag Team and Television Championship matches to get some more build. Also, the feud between Tara and ODB could very well lead to the Knockouts Championship match for the PPV, while Joey Ryan’s victory over Rob Van Dam last week could see Ryan getting a shot at the X-Division Championship.

What will happen just three days before Turning Point? Tune in to find out!


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