Robert Nkemdiche: No. 1 Recruit Makes Right Call Decommitting from Clemson

Randy ChambersAnalyst INovember 8, 2012

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Another day, another mind change when it comes to top recruit Robert Nkemdiche.

After going back-and-forth between many schools, the star defensive end has finally done something right during this recruiting process.  Instead of committing to schools he knew he wasn’t going to play for, he is now taking time to relax and think about which SEC program he will soon attend.

The 5-star recruit, who recently told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he was still committed to the Clemson Tigers, has now decommitted from the program, according to ESPN.

I'll reward a pat on the back to those that didn't see this coming. In fact, the decommitment isn't nearly as shocking as the actual commitment itself, which was made earlier in the year.

Nkemdiche is widely considered one of the top players in this entire class, and he has offers from every elite program in the country.

With offers from programs such as Alabama, Georgia, LSU and Oregon on the table, Clemson simply doesn't belong in the conversation. I don't mean to offend any Tiger fans out there, but the top recruits go to the top programs, and Clemson still has a ways to go before being invited to the adult table.

According to the Gwinnett Daily Post, high school coach Mickey Conn says that Nkemdiche is still interested in Clemson, but he needs more time to look over all of the options available to him:

I think he's still very interested in Clemson, but he's got a brother (Denzel) who goes to Ole Miss and he's got other schools that he likes as well. He's going to clear his mind and take some other visits.

Still, don't hold your breath—and neither should Ole Miss.

We have seen a couple of recruits turn down big schools in the past to stay close to home or play with friends, but they are few and far between.

Nkemdiche wasn't going to stay with Clemson to be the only above-average player on the defensive side of the ball and to lose to teams like Virginia Tech and Florida State each year. And he almost certainly won't pick a school like Ole Miss—a team that has decades to go before competing with the rest of the SEC West. Even if that means he won't be able to play with his older brother.

Players that are as talented as Nkemdiche is want to compete for conference championships, national championships and to get ready for the next level. There are a few schools that have extended an offer at which he would be able to accomplish all three of those, and they're not Clemson or Ole Miss.

"At this point, I think it's a family decision," Conn said. "The family's going to get together and make the best decision for Robert."

The best decision would be to go to a program that guarantees success and makes him a lock for the NFL. Nkemdiche should make the right decision by picking one of those elite programs, and he is on the right track by decommitting from the Clemson Tigers.