Which National Powerhouses Must Battle Ohio State for Top 2014 TE Jeb Blazevich?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIINovember 9, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Jeb Blazevich is a 4-star 2014 tight end prospect, who appears to be very interested in the Ohio State Buckeyes, but they aren't the only national powerhouses that have a shot at getting his commitment.

The junior tight end has a ton of offers already, and he has some major programs looking for his commitment. According to 247Sports, Blazevich has picked up offers from Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee and the aforementioned Buckeyes, amongst many other programs.

There are obviously a ton of of interested schools, so there will be a ton of competition once his recruiting process does heat up, but Buckeyes fans have to be feeling pretty good about their standing with Blazevich, considering he unofficially visited OSU last weekend to watch the Buckeyes take on Illinois.

Here's what the 4-star tight end had to say about his visit, according to Jeremy Birmingham of BuckeyeGrove.com:

"Well, this trip was different of course, the stadium was a was a bit more full than last time, (laughing) and the fans stood out to me," Blazevich said. "The security around there was nothing like I've seen anywhere else. I mean they had the CIA and FBI there! Other than that, I got to see some of the players and see how they prepare and the other coaches how they operate. Overall, it went really well, we got to talk with coach Meyer, and I loved what he had to say about how they use the TE. Those are some hard working people on that staff."

Blazevich also had this to say about Buckeyes' head coach Urban Meyer, via Birmingham's report:

"Coach Meyer has been successful every where he's been, and I understand how he plans to use me and I have a lot of respect for him," Blazevich said of the Buckeyes' head coach. "He is very hands-on in his coaching approach. Even this summer he coached me one-on-one and I know he is more involved than other head coaches and is willing to work when and where he needs to. My family loves him and we he is a great coach, but also a very honest man, too."

With so many big-time college football programs in line for Blazevich, the Buckeyes have to be feeling pretty good about their early returns with the elite 2014 tight end. He was obviously impressed with the Buckeyes program, and he undoubtedly feels highly about Meyer, and that's a huge advantage for Ohio State.

He stated in Birmingham's report that he had also visited Clemson, Georgia, LSU and Alabama, so any early advantage the Buckeyes can get will be very helpful. Chances are, those are the teams that will end up having to battle OSU on the recruiting trail when all is said and done.

He's from Charlotte, North Carolina, so the SEC programs like Georgia, LSU and Alabama will be in his region, and ACC power Clemson is only about two and a half hours away.

Ohio State will be at a disadvantage due to their farther proximity, but it seems like the 4-star tight end likes what Meyer is doing up at Ohio State, and for now, that should be good enough to keep them high on top of his list.

Blazevich is 6'5'', 240 pounds according to Rivals, so he's big enough to be a mismatch against corners and safeties, and he should be able to outrun linebackers in coverage as a tight end. He'll also be able to stay in and block because of his size, so he's bringing a lot to the table.

He's a player that would be a great fit for Ohio State, but now they need to convince him that Ohio State will be a good fit for him.

It's going to be a tough sell, with programs like Clemson, Georgia, LSU and Alabama also in the early running, but if there's a coach out there can make it happen, it would be Urban Meyer.

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