MLB Trade Rumors: Could Trading Dayan Viciedo Benefit the Chicago White Sox?

Matthew SmithCorrespondent IIINovember 10, 2012

Is Dayan Viciedo the key to a blockbuster trade?
Is Dayan Viciedo the key to a blockbuster trade?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn appears open to anything, that includes trading Dayan Viciedo. Hahn would be wise to keep an open mind because trading Viciedo could help the White Sox immensely.

According to White Sox Insider Dan Hayes, Viciedo is one of several White Sox youngsters who may be available. As evidence, Hayes cited “four rival executives” who believe that Hahn is “open” to trading the young left fielder.

Make no mistake about it; Viciedo’s days in a White Sox uniform could be numbered because of his contract status.

Hayes pointed out in his article that “Viciedo’s contract stipulates he must earn 80 percent of the $3.5 million he pulled in last season, which equates to $2.8 million.”

Factor in the $1 million pro-rated share of his $4 million signing bonus and Viciedo stands to get, at minimum, a $300,000 raise in 2013. At $3.8 million, he may be a bit out of Hahn’s price range.

Now, if Viciedo’s price tag does necessitate a move, what is Hahn’s best option? A three-team trade, of course, and Hahn is already thinking the same thing.

Hahn was quoted in the Chicago Tribune on Thursday saying that the conversations he’s had at the general managers meetings in California “may lead to some three-way deals in the coming weeks."

One potential trade scenario would involve the Houston Astros and the San Diego Padres.

The three-team exchange could break down like this:

-The Padres receive Asher Wojciechowski (2-2 with a 2.06 ERA in eight starts at Double-A Corpus Christi) from the Astros and Gavin Floyd from the White Sox

-The Astros acquire Viciedo and Double-A pitcher Nestor Molina from the White Sox

-The White Sox get third baseman Chase Headley and a prospect (anyone will do) from the Padres.

As important as the players involved are, a three-team trade does something that may be even more so.

See, by combining Floyd’s $9.5 million salary with Viciedo’s, Hahn would shave a potential total of $13.3 million from the White Sox' payroll. Hahn could then use that money to lock up Alejandro De Aza into a long-term contract and sign Headley to an extension with money to spare.

Outside-the-box thinking, to be sure, but this is an example of what adding Viciedo in a trade could do. 

In all fairness, this column is not advocating for a trade. In fact, an argument can be made that Viciedo is someone to build the future around. He is young, talented and full of potential.

If Viciedo’s worth is put into this context, however, trading him could be a great idea.